Calories in fruit & veg?

I'm trying my best to count my calories each day, however I'm struggling to work out the calories in some of my fruit and vegetables! As I tend to buy these items loose and not pre-packed, I don't know where to find the calorie content? Different websites seem to display different values when I tried searching online! Today I made a pasta lunch with green pepper, onion and mushrooms, but I don't know where to find the calories in these ingredients (and my guess would be useless!). Can someone recommend a useful tool or website to help with this?



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4 Replies

  • Hi,

    Google 'how many calories in an onion'. The most reliable sites I have found are and You do need to know how much of each you put in the pasta though - some sites do per serving or per 100g or per each which could account for difference.

    A lot of people also use myfitness pal as it also tracks exercise.


    seems like a good choice as this one is not rying to sell you a diet plan to go with the information!

  • My fitness pal app is good, you can put in a recipe or amount of a food and it will work the calories out for you.

  • Try weighing how much of each fruit or vegetable you use in the portion then find out the calories for that fruit or veg - generally they give it for 100g, you can then just divide/multiply to adjust to the portion you've actually used.

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