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Calories in fruit & veg?

I'm trying my best to count my calories each day, however I'm struggling to work out the calories in some of my fruit and vegetables! As I tend to buy these items loose and not pre-packed, I don't know where to find the calorie content? Different websites seem to display different values when I tried searching online! Today I made a pasta lunch with green pepper, onion and mushrooms, but I don't know where to find the calories in these ingredients (and my guess would be useless!). Can someone recommend a useful tool or website to help with this?


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Google 'how many calories in an onion'. The most reliable sites I have found are weightlossresources.co.uk and caloriecount.com. You do need to know how much of each you put in the pasta though - some sites do per serving or per 100g or per each which could account for difference.

A lot of people also use myfitness pal as it also tracks exercise.



seems like a good choice as this one is not rying to sell you a diet plan to go with the information!


My fitness pal app is good, you can put in a recipe or amount of a food and it will work the calories out for you.


Try weighing how much of each fruit or vegetable you use in the portion then find out the calories for that fruit or veg - generally they give it for 100g, you can then just divide/multiply to adjust to the portion you've actually used.


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