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first blog

this is my second week of a calorie diet first time tried this done weight watchers before and cutting out foods but cannot afford weight watchers anymore. I lost 6 pound the first week and 2 pound this week so a little scared that I have not lost much this week but need to try and keep the will power I don't do a lot of exercise but have got an exercise bike but not finishing work till 6.00 most nights don't feel like I have the energy to do any but will try.so goal for next week is to do 10 mins a night on the bike.

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Well done on the weight loss. I've read a little bit around different diets and although weight watchers had a good report it wasn't as good as good as good old calories counting.

Exercise will def help, not should you lose a few pounds but I feel exercises changes your body shape making you feel more confident.

Good look this week

Happy healthy eating!

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well done, weights heading south so thats good.

What i found helped when starting out on the exercise was to set a distance i had to cycle / walk and try and beat the completion time. dosent matter if i beat it by only 1 second. I found it pushed me to work that little bit harder and also shows how your getting fitter. many days i didnt beat it, but as long as i knew i had given the effort then always the next day to try again.

Eventually i was increasing the distance, exercise time and effort as i got lighter and fitter.

I will never be a Bradley Wiggins, but as i pedal like crazy to beat the clock, in my mind he eats my dust every time.

So good luck and keep pedalling


Congratulations! Have you taken your measurements down? I find it much more encouraging then the scales. Good luck x


Hi innerslim,

Hey, that's plenty. You shouldn't lose weight - despite all those pathetic adverts you see* - too fast. About a couple of pounds, or 1 Kg, a week averaged out over your journey is plenty - though you do lose weight faster than that at the start. And there will be blips and spurts.

If you lose weight too fast, you're more likely to end up putting it back on again in the longer term and yo-yo weight loss/gain isn't all that good for you.

That's a real nice start, so just keep riding the weight-loss bus.

Good luck.

(* you know the sort of thing I mean - "you can lose 18 stone in 0.3 nanoseconds! - just send us lots of your money ...")

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This was my first few days at calorie counting but pulled a muscle in my back so did not go out walking so back to it tomo hope Iose a bit this week I've been Nordic walking and I've been walking faster over the same distance but its snowed here so it's really cold


Although weight watchers and the like can help you lose weight, I think they are just sales/money making schemes. I am using the time I would have gone to a meeting to plan my meals and saving money at the same time. Just aiming to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week and be sensible about it. So far its working and now in to third week.

Well done, a little exercise is better than none at all!

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Why nit truly online? Maybe cheaper, plenty of free help too


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