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Getting a grip - week one

So Here I am determined to give this a go. Stumbled on NHS choices by accident looking for a BMI calculator. Just still overweight as opposed to obese. I have two stone to lose. I have been kidding myself about losing weight but actually the trend is upwards. I have reasoanble success in the past with weight watchers and protien based diet. But it is not working this time. I am good in the week and then have blow out weekends. I am nearly 49, pretty unfit and don't like wht I see in the mirror. Two years ago I was two stone lighter, very fit running half marathons and a keen cyclist. I now do de nada.

So I need to do something differenet to make a difference. So week one began 1 March. diet all over the place in terms of calories consumed - but I have started exercising. i have invested in a 10 week strength and fitness course with a personal trainer. No alchol and pretty much sticking to 1500 calories a day.

I have to say very disappointed with the results this week. Actually put on weight at begining on week - but it has dropped back a bit now - maybe two pound. I am going to weigh in monday. I have also taken measurements including my BMI. Will monitor and count calories thorugh my fitness pal. will drop back to 1400 calories a day.

So wish me luck - this really is it now.

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Well done on your decision to do something about your weight.

Was there a reason for you stopping all your running? Apart from lack of fitness is there a reason you can't start again?

Well done on cutting out the alcohol, and for setting yourself a calorie goal, even if your diet wasn't all that.

Good luck on your journey :)


Thank you for your support it means a lot. Doing one day at a time right now!!!

Stopped running for no particular good reason other than excuses. So have started something and aiming to consider C25K in April


Hi I'm a bit older than you at almost 53 but like you also don't like what I see in the mirror.

I also started on 1st March and weighed in on Fri, yipee 3.5lbs lighter now.

Good luck Suzy, sounds like your in the right frame of mind this time.


thank you for taking the time to comment - it means a lot. Had a good day and feeling relatively positive. Avoiding Mother's Day - no chocolates. Have really valued other members support and reading their stories.

well done 3.5 pounds you must be delighted. i look fwd to similar results this week!!


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