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End of week two weigh in!

Started my weigh loss journey on Saturday 23rd feb at 144lbs. Have been weighing in a Friday. Lost 2.6lb this week (current weight 135.8lb). Finding it hard to stick to calories although breastfeeding seems to compensate! Also need to eat less sweet stuff. On a plus point did an extra little run on tues to compensate for shorted run on mon.

Hoping from good progress this week.

Happy healthy eating!

Ps if there's a blog where everyone is weighing in on a fri let me know?

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Well done on weight loss - keep going little and often- perfect. Breast feeding will help, but leave yourself to undercaloried. Started myself this week. Have 28 pounds to lose so happy to weigh in with you on a friday.


Well done for your weight loss this week :D

If you like sweet things, is it fruit based sweets or just chocolate etc? Maybe you could try having actual fruit instead. Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries are a good price at Aldi at the moment.


Thanks. I'm quite good at fruit but usually stick to the same old apples, bananas, grapes and oranges. Probably would be good to add a bit variety. Sewer stuff usually consists of handfuls of crunchy nut bites, nice nut very calorific and tend not to count calories to carefully as handfuls not weighed. Will aim to avoid this week,


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