End of Week 4 - stayed the same

No Change - bit off the rails, over did the carbs a bit. I was hoping to see bigger changes by now but must try harder!

Successes - Zumba and yogalates session midweek (one straight after the other)

Also a little reduction in BF level and BMI - this could just be because the scale is slightly inconsistent but I prefer to think it shows an improvement.

Failures - Bit off plan this week, not prepared, too busy and getting over-hungry makes it difficult to stay on track, No Couch to 5K runs,will try to do some at the weeked

Friday 8th Feb 75.3 KG BF 42.5 percent BMI 31.3 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 15

Friday 15th 73.3 KG BF 42.4 percent BMI 30.2 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Friday 20th 73.2 KG BF 42.4 percent BMI 30.5 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Friday 28th 73.5 KG BF 42.5 percent BMI 30.8 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Friday 8th Mar 73.5 KG BF 42 percent BMI 30. Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Best of luck to everyone, just Keep on Keeping On!!


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2 Replies

  • It is very frustrating-but keep at it. Given myself serious overhaul today. Back to basics portion control and sticking to 1400 calories a day. Your trend is downwards and as you say planning and preparation is the key. Will touch base with my trials, tribulations and frustrations. Best of luck for next week

  • You're going in the right direction, and although your weight hasn't decreased your BMI and BF have.

    You've also ID'd where you've gone wrong this week, which means you can rectify next week.

    Well done and good luck :)

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