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Day two - must resist the urge to get on the scales

Okay so I doubt that people blog this much usually, indulge me.

I am hoping for a miracle. I am desperate to get on the scales and weigh myself but really think I should wait a week to see the benefits. Plus, believe it or not if I have lost weight already it will prompt me to stop dieting. (My brain tells me that if it's this easy, then I can put it off).

Have told a couple of people that I am on a health kick and been told that I don't need to lose weight. In fact some people have given me a look of derision. Does that happen to other people? As previously mentioned I am not obese, but wish people would support instead of judging. Moan over.

Just picked up a shake full of fruit, looked at the calories, it has 250 kcal! I could have 3 packets of quavers for the same amount of cals!


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Hi Thincharlie,

I think you've just posted the reasons why not to weigh yourself!

I used to weigh myself everyday on the wii when doing wii fit, and, its very disappointing if you haven't lost weight, even if all the variables are the same every day.

If you want to weigh yourself everyday you need to be in the right frame of mind and with the right attitude, which most of us don't have - me included!

Weigh yourself once a week, and hop on either the Monday or Friday weigh in sessions on here. Weighing yourself weekly allows any blips to have evened themselves out and the diet and exercise regime to have started working.

And the fruit shakes - yes they are high in calories! Fruit has a lot of sugar in it and depending on the make also added sugar or yoghurt/milk to make a smoothie.

If you like fruit drinks, try apple juice or cranberry juice they are both low in calories. Asda has a no added sugar cran juice at 20cals per 250ml. Surprisingly squash can have a low calorie count if you choose the right one.


Hi Bunblebeaz,

I didn't realise fruit contained so much sugar!! I tend to have fruit or fruit shakes for breakfast because they are handy for 'on the go'. Any other suggestions for a healthy breakfast that doesn't involve a lot of work in the weekday morning?


Hi AnewMe,

Not all fruits are the same but it is surprising how much sugar can be found in fruit. But fruit is healthy - they have the 'right type' of sugar (plus other goodies!).

My breakfast is a slice of toast with jam and fruit juice or juice drink - but the low calorie ones. That means no OJ :( I currently have the ASDA cran juice I mentioned above.

The bread I use for my toast is 148 cals per slice. Quite high but is wholemeal and has seeds and stuff in it. Seems the right kind of calories to me!

I never used to eat breakfast because:

a- I don't like milk so cereal a no go

b- Wasn't hungry in the morning

c-I like my sleep so just got up, dressed and left the house.

Try to make a little more time in the morning so that you can have toast or cereal or porridge.

Get some oats and follow the direction on the packet for microwave cooking. Add in some fruit if you like.

My boyfriend loves weetabix and bran flakes - again you could add in some fruit on top of that.

If you really do not have any time at all I would suggest eating a banana. High in energy and although the cal count is high, again the 'right' sort of calories and energy.

Hope this helps!


belvita breakfast biscuits. they are pretty yummy dipped in tea. fairly low cal. filling too. not sure how balanced they are but they do the job for me. x


I only weigh myself once a month! Don't let the scales rule you. I take my measurements once a week and this really helps me stay on track.



personally i do weigh myself every morning just so i undertand for myself what my body is doing and the trends of what i eat and exercise. But i exercise alot everyday, but undestand that alot can be water weight etc. i normally do it the same time everyday, when i first started the diet and weight was coming off fast i think i lived on the scales, but that just wore the batteries out.

Fruit has fructose in it but also comes with so many other benefits, when nature adds fructose it normally wraps it up in a healthy package, but shop bought smoothies etc, well read the label and buyer beware i guess. make your own and at least you know whats in it, and smoothies dont just have to be fruit, try adding some veg.



This is probably a bit hypocritical of me having, until recently, weighed myself at least daily. I'm sticking with a weekly weigh in for this programme as it can't be healthy for the mind being so fixated on numbers.

Besides this a daily weigh in isn't always good and not just because of the bodies natural fluctuations...eg....you get weighed two days into diet and look like you've lost so on day three have chocolate (or whatever your vice is) On day four your the same as day two (still a loss from the start) so another bar sneaks in. On day five the bars of choc rear their ugly head and show as a plus on the scales. By this time it's the weekend and you may as well "start again on Monday". Another week down the pan and another week heavier.

You could of gained on day two but does that mean you'd ditch the diet there and then!

Stick it out, it'll be a nicer surprise at the end of the week.

Happy healthy eating!


Hi thincharlie,

If you DO weigh yourself daily, it's really important to find a consistent time / situation.

I do weigh daily, first thing in the morning before eating or exercise, after my first 'pee'. I record that and then I can easily judge what has happened in the last 7 days whether that be Monday to Monday or whatever. I find that useful for me.

If you weigh yourself more than once daily, you'll quickly realise that your body weight goes up and down during the day by a pretty hefty amount, probably more than a kilo (2.2lbs), as you take food in, dispose of waste and all those complex chemical and other reactions go on inside you. I mean if you weigh yourself before and after a pee, you'll probably find a 1/3rd of a kilo or thereabouts difference.

And that's why you should only focus on the trend - however often you weigh yourself - because weighing living human bodies isn't a fabulously precise science.

Even my first thing in the morning weigh-in can be easily knocked out of kilter by getting to bed late the night before.


Well done on getting to day 2... No, don't get on the scales. Give it a bit of time. It doesn't matter what people think when you tell them your in a healthy eating plan. It's up to you and how you feel. Good luck :-)


I have lost weight by eating healthier foods rather than calorie counting and doing more exercise. The way I look at it is if the food provides vitamins and minerals for my body it is doing me good rather than consuming empty calories. I have cut down the portion size of my main meal which enables me to have healthy snacks such as almonds,seeds and fruit. I feel and look so much better.It is not all about calories but health.What is the point of loosing a lot of weight and having poor skin ,hair and bone health etc.


It's my day two too so far so good. Yes I don't get it fruit can be so many calories yet some crisps are less I suppose fruits better for us in the long run good luck keep in touch we can support each other 😊


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