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Hide and seek - fatty found me

Inside here is a thin girl waiting to get out. She wears short skirts without worrying about her knees. Skinny jeans with no muffin tops and isn't wearing boulder holders instead of a bra.

Don't get me wrong you don't see me walking down the street and think of a weeble or feel the need to shout out 'who ate all the pies'. But I am now in that overweight range on the BMi chart and I can't do my favourite jeans up.

So, today is the first day of proper action. I will take it seriously and I will lose the extra weight.

Starting weight 12st 10ibs (don't judge I'm tall). Target weight - lets start with 12st target then go from there.

Wish me luck x

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I wish you lots of luck, and may the over the shoulder boulder holder makers weep buckets as they lose sales. Big hugs XX


Well done and go for it, with that attitude im 100% sure you will succeed.

Im still trying to work out what a muffin top is? Is it something to do with wooden puppets?


You know when you cook muffins and they rise and expand over the top of the case? Well, replace the case with jeans and the muffin with fat, it's not a good look!

The only similarity to puppets is the Pinocchio lies you tell yourself. X


I dont think how much or little waite you need to loose, if your not happy with the way you feel or look you will b happer when youv lost the waite. Being what some might call a weeble or may feel the need to ask who aet all the pies, I wish you all the best with your Healthy eating and hope you will keep in touch and let us know how ith going.

Good Luck.


Hi Kismit

Size and happiness have little to do with each other, we just think they do. If we think everything will be perfect when... we are mistaken. Working on self acceptance while also working to change is more likely to lead to happiness in the long run. Forget what happened yesterday - you can learn from it but it can't be changed - and focus on the good in you not the bad :-)


Hi Hogwoo,

Iv never thought of it like that but gess your right, Will have to try and get my head around it. xx


Hi kismit, did you get back on track today? Please tell me that you did, will be really inspired. Having a naughty binge is awful for me as I just fall back into old habits. I have seen diets where you have a meal that can contain anything you like, quite frankly, once the pizza eating starts it doesn't stop for me.

Please don't take offence to weeble or pie comments, I am heading that way and if it weren't for my height and build, you could happily roll me down the street. Keep in touch. X


HI thincharlie, thanks for getting in touch. New day new start so yes Im back on track. Your right I have to stay away from serten stuff as once started I cant stop. I know some say you shouldnt cut uot things alltogether but I have to as well. No offence taken, was just feeling very sensistive at the time.

I do wish you all the best. May will power be with you. xx


Boulder holders! Hahaha, I love it! I've got a few of those myself :)

Being in the overweight range does suck, but it could be much worse. Good job deciding to do something about it now before you ended up in the obese category. I think a lot of people so easily ignore the weight gain and stay in denial for so long that it becomes a huge problem.


Good luck. You will be feeling a lot better when you've lost your first few pounds.


Good luck thinkcharlie.

I know how you feel, I'm the same. Tall but a lot heavier than you. I started last week, I won't say what I weigh but hopefully I will be able to say I have lost weight tomorrow.

Also back on the C25K after injury, wish me luck with that too.


Thanks, shared the exact weight because it may actually motivate me to do so etching about it. I'm even thinking of putting a weight chart next to the scales but if my other half saw how much I weighed. He would take the mick something chronic.

Wishing you loads of luck with the weigh in and the c25k.

Don't put too much pressure on the weigh in though, if you've lost loads, celebrate. If you've only lost a little tell yourself that you are taking it slowly so that you don't end up with baggy skin. And if you're the same or more, we'll muscle weighs heavier than fat anyway. ;-) Seriously though you'll be fine, let me know how you get on and be really positive.


Good lack. I am sure you won't be in the overweight range for long.


Exactly, I don't want to share me exact weight either. I'm feeling positive alright, wait for it, drum roll...........................3.5lbs lost yipee!


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