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How do you get your 5 a day?


Have read a couple of posts where people have said they found it hard getting their five a day. Just thought I'd share how I get some of mine in. Feel free to add how you get yours!

I usually have a steamed apple with my shredded wheat in the morning. Just stick the apple in a steamer in the microwave for 1 & 1/2 mins (would imagine you could bake it like a baked potato). Sweatens breakfast off nicely.

If I think i'm not going to get my 5 I often stick a bag of Birdseye steamed veg in with my meal...pasta, curry or just on this side.

Then obviously there's a glass of OJ. I think a portion is 125mls.

Hope this is handy for some one.

Happy healthy eating!

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I have a glass of fruit juice in the morning with my breakfast.

Then at dinner I usually have a sandwich with lettuce and tomato as well as 2 pieces of fruit such as apple, pear, kiwi, nectarine, banana...

I also have the small packs of raisins for snacking on.

At tea I usually have at least 2 portions of veg with my meal, mostly carrots but also peas, sweetcorn, cabbage, mangetout, broccoli...


I eat about 3-4 portions of fruit a day - one with breakfast and lunch, and two as snacks in between. It varies - berries, apples, mandarins, pears, peaches. Sometimes I make a small smoothie with 1/2 banana, a few slices of mango, and 1/2 cup light coconut milk for breakfast.

And as for veg, I always have at least 2 portions of veg with lunch and dinner. Again, it's a variety, but I usually have carrots stick with lunch and a soup with 1 portion veg. Then at dinner it will be steamed veg and a starchy veg.


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