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End of a successful week 2

After restarting week 2 my weight this morning is 13st 6lbs so thats 4lbs loss this week. Waist measurement is 90cm so lost 3cm. I managed over 10,000 steps every day except Saturday which came in at just over 9200. My mobility has improved insofar as my pain is greatly reduced in my knees and hips (but not my back yet) - so much so that I am going to give Strength & Flex a go. After failing week 2, 2 weeks ago, repeating it worked for me and now with a successful week 2 under my belt I am more than ready for week 3. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

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Well done you!!!

Im realy glad to hear your joints are getting less painful, gives me hope for mine. 4lbs is wonderful and its great to hear your so positive about this week.



Thank you Kismet, it was a very different story last week when I messed up week 2. I had the choice of giving up at the first hurdle or restarting week 2. I chose the latter because of comments on this site. I realised I am not alone, and sharing in others successes and difficulties helps. I always felt a failure in past diets when I had a bad day. Now I just feel normal and get on with it. Good luck this week, we're all in this together through good and bad days.


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