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Here we go again, why does this keep happening??? :o(

I've been following the nhs 12 week plan since the middle of January so i'mabout half way through. The first few weeks went well but as usual i've hit a brick wall again and the scale and inches are refusing to move :o( i'm so fed up!!!!

It's always the same everything starts off well & then grinds to a halt. I wouldn't mind if i'd been struggling to keep to the plan but i haven't!!!. I stick to the 1400 calories & i do atleast 3 lots of strength training & 150 mins cardio a week usually more !!.

I'm so sick of it i'm 31 years old and i cant ever remember being a normal weight & i've been on a diet of some sorts for most of my adult life. I don't know what else I can do, i really thought there was a chance this time if i stuck to the nhs advice that the weight would come off all be it slowly.

I'm really starting to think that i'm just meant to be fat

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Morning sinope82,

Don't be discouraged. Even if you'd like to be losing weight faster, you're on the right track. Your experience is not uncommon. The first stages of a weight loss plan always result in quick weight loss because some of that weight being shed is just fluids.

You may have hit a plateau which means you're body has learned to cope quickly with less calories. My suggestion is that you step up your exercise routine or try some different ones (that your body isn't used to). This type of change will challenge your body and force it too burn more calories than it is used to.

Two points to remember:

-if you've stopped putting on weight, that's a success in itself.

-the weight loss plan is about more than losing weight, it's about learning to make healthier choices, which will benefit you in the long-term.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice, i've been trying to mix things up with my exercise. I go to the gym strength training 3 times every week then i vary between walking/ cross trainer/ workout dvd's & i added in running again last week for my cardio. I make sure i always total over 150 minutes but depending on what i'm doing that could be over 3 or more days. I've also been swimming on occasion when i have time but I'm still not seeing any movement. I know i need to be patient but it's just so hard when your putting in so much effort and seeing so little reward :o(


I'm in the same boat at the moment. Let's try to stay positive and power through it. I know this happens to a lot of people, but it's so disappointing when it's you!


Hi sinope82,

Most people's weight loss journey will have its share of blips and spurts. (Actually mine's a bit all over the place in the last few days!)

It's just not a wonderfullly neat and tidy mathematical equation, because what you're really doing is creating situations in your body that make it want to burn fat rather than store it.

Many things can make it decide it ought to store fat, from high (or low) blood sugar levels, stress, sleeplessness, infections and various others. And that's why it often isn't a smooth journey. Even if you do the exercise and reduce the calories, some days - for one reason or another - that just isn't going to equate to direct burning of fat and weight loss.

Also, as you reduce weight, you'll need a lower calorie intake to maintain you new lower body weight and even less than that to carry on losing weight. (Or you'll need to burn more calories off in more exercise/activity).

And metabolic rate can change the ballgame too. We're coming into spring. Perhaps your body is a bit busy dealing with seasonal changes and hasn't got around to burning fat.

(That's pretty much what happens when you drink alcohol, by the way, your body is too busy dealing with the alcohol to get around to burning fat).

Don't worry about the blip, just focus on the trend and just keep riding the weight loss bus.


Good advice as ever, Doikosp :-)


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