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Hope this mite help someone.

Big breth and here we go. Im a compolsiv eater. last time I binged ( Thursday of last week) I ate a 2lt tub of icecream, family pack of daretos, 2 large bars of fruit and nut cocolet and a larg bag of kashow nuts. All this done in my bed room so no one could see. Iv done this for years, gess it started after my maridge went down the pan, that was 20 odd years ago. Iv had counceling ect but have finealy realised that when It boils down to it the only person who can make the change In me is me. So today is the firstday of the rest of my life and Im going to grab it with both hands and begin to live and not just exist, even if it does throw some cerv balls now and again.

Best wishes to all and thanks.

PS. will someone please remind me of this when Im finding things hard. XX

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Make small changes and it will be easier to keep it up. New life started!!!


i dont know u but i feel very proud of u. this is a great choice and i really would like to see u succeed,so dont rush take your time and just have fun on your awesome journey to sexiness and happiness gud luck xxx


Seriously well done, i agree feel proud for you, the biggest step i found was to stop lying to myself.

I made a sign for my fridge door " Eat to LIVE - DON'T live to EAT"

Made me think twice before i was tempted


Lots of people around me have tried to help me by talking to me and pointing out that more weight will bring more sadness. BUT, only when I made decision on my own to take the problem into my hands, things started to happen. Than I found this web-site and reorganized all around calorie-counting and exercising (min 150 minutes@week). Now it is my sixth week, I haven't had big relapses, I think that I am juts two-three weeks from my ideal weight. I can not describe how much happiness and stability this process has brought into my life.

I wish you all the luck, keep us informed. :)



Well done for taking the first major step! Admitting the problem is often the hardest thing but from here on in, we are here to support and encourage you. If u struggle one day then sign on and tell us so we can help you refocus and when you begin to lose the weight then we can celebrate each pound with you.

Good luck and welcome to beginning a new life. :)


Hi kismit,

You've shown great strength. Good luck on your journey.

Are you following the NHS Choices weight loss plan?

Here's the plan:



Hi, yes I am folowing the nhs Choices.


Hi kismet

We're all human and have our off days, when I.'ve lapsed I've drawn a line under it and got myself back on track. I now keep plenty of low calorie and healthy snacks at home so I'm prepared.

Keep up the good work :-)


thank you all so much for your encourageing remarks, realy gave me a lift.

So glad I found this sight and am telling every one about it.

Big hugs all round. xx


Hi Kismet, I completely understand how you feel as I am also a binge eater. I am worse when I am alone and also when someone has upset me. Today I came home from work and I had received a nasty comment just as I was leaving. Arriving home to an empty house is not good and I mentally started to plan what was in the cupboards to eat. I wanted to make that tight lump in my stomach go away. I decided to check my emails before delving into the cake and found one from health unlocked with your blog highlighted. I read your blog and didn't feel alone. I didn't binge. I drank a glass of water collected the children from the bus and we went out and brought a Mother's Day card for my mum. The tight lump had gone by the time I got home. I had worked through the pain that no food was going to cure. So thank you, if I hadn't read your blog I would have gone off track. If I can help you at anytime let me know. X


Hi Jopea,

Thank you so much for your massage, It gives me a big lift, not only to know my blog helped someone but also Im not alown and ther is someone out there who knows exactly how I feel. The same go to you if I can help you dont hesatate to let me know.

Best wishes Kismet. xx


Hi Jopea

Had a losey day yesterday, that food gremlin in my head. Still new day new start. Keep telling my self it will be worth it in the end but some thmes seems such a strugal. I hope all is going well with you my dear. xx


Hi Jopea,

I came across this a long time ago, you may find it helpful, I call it the "Even if " routine.

When someone is rude or makes a nasty remark in your mind say to yourself

"Even if you are a rude person it will not affect me, I will not lose my temper with you and I will not let your problems affect me" This will change your reaction to someone elses bad manners, bad day, whatever. (For me it stops me getting really angry, for you it could stop you reacting with a binge.) Keep with the water and doing nice things with your family!!!


Hi kismit, have just found your post and as a compulsive eater myself I know how hard it is to admit to something like that. The first step is no easy task, so well done you. I have found that there are lots of folks in the same or similar boat, all happy to help, so do not think you are alone in this journey. Like any journey, there may be bumps in the road, but once you realise that and learn from them the rest gets easier. Wishing you luck sm


Hi sophiesmum,

great name, I have a grandaughter called Sophie so it will be easey for me to rember.

Thank you very much for your message, It is nice to know that someone knows how I feel and how hard It can be at times.

Best wishes, Kismet


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