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End of Week 3 - Wrong direction this time

Weight up by 1 lb this week, very busy at work, long hours push out exercise, high stress saps the motivation.

Successes - followed program as best I could. Zumba and yogalates session midweek (one straight after the other)

Failures - Restarted Couch to 5K, 0 runs,One lunchtime walk only, Mainly Eating Healthily but calorie count still needs to go down, portion control and "extra treats" monitor needs to be employed more often,

Friday 8th 75.3 KG BF 42.5 percent BMI 31.3 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 15

Friday 15th 73.3 KG BF 42.4 percent BMI 30.2 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Friday 20th 73.2 KG BF 42.4 percent BMI 30.5 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Friday 28th 73.5 KG BF 42.5 percent BMI 30.8 Target 60KG Amount to Lose 13

Best of luck to everyone, just Keep on Keeping On!!

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Keep positive bizzyb, having had a blip week 3 myself, i kind of understand the frustration and like you say stress really destroys your motivation. Am very impressed with the Zumba and yogalates! I do pilates, not so much for the weightloss but it helps with my back and helps me destress after a busy day.


Thank you for the support, this week was the first time I've ever done yogalates - it was very relaxing after the Zumba and I didn't ache at all the day after. Have a good week in week 4


Yoga and pliates are good like that. Don't think I'm brave enough for the Zumba yet, well not in public :) Hope you have a good week also, I'm sure the weight will start to drop off! Let me know how you get on.


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