Here gos!

Hi all,

first things first, please excuse the spelling. Its taken me a while to buck up the curige to wright but you all seem so friendly so here gos. Have started yet again to try and loose waite, got on the scales this morning and could have cried, 21st (sorry only do old money) still I suppose its a nice round figer to start with ha a bit like me. Seams so dornting!!!! Hopfuly with your help I will be able to sucseed this time, fingers crossed.

Best wishes to all.


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  • Welcome Kismit, it's fantasic to know that your going to try again. Remember just take one day at a time.

  • Thanks very much, I think my mane problem is persaverence so one day at a time is a good way of looking at it. xx

  • 12 weeks will pass so quickly. I am ending my fifth week today and I it seems like this become my new life style. Please do try with calorie counting, it has been doing miracles for my life..

    Good luck :)

  • Thanks for your feed back its good to know how it workes out for outhers. xx

  • Hi kismit, great name by the way!

    Well done for making a start, dont look at the weight you want to lose as a whole. Break it down into small bit size pieces. A pound a week or even half pound would be a good place to start and try not to lose hope on the weeks that the scales stand still.

    And dont forget to give yourself a break if you slip, its not the end of the world. Just get right back into it. Every little change is better than no change at all.

    Good luck:)

  • Thanks so much, thats realy helpful. will try and do half a stone at a time. xx

  • Kismit,

    Half a stone sounds fabulas.x

  • thanks legs,

    today has gone well, feel a bit hungry mo early night I think. xx

  • try a hot tea or coffee, (no sugar) always finds that helps take-away the feeling of hunger.

  • Kismit, very best of luck with the healthy eating. I was nudging 21 stone when I started looking after myself last May. I am now around 15 1/2 stone, so that's over five stone down. If I can do it from a similar weight to yourself, so can you.

    The hardest bit is admitting to yourself that you are actually not happy being big. You have taken that step now and are doing something about it. Well done.

    If I may suggest swimming to keep you active? I started off with that at my local council run pool. I have never been made to feel awkward or embarrassed about my size.

    Keep us all in touch with how you are getting on.

  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for your blog, it realy gives me hope. I think my big herdal is taking it slowly and keeping it off, always gon mad befor wanting to get the wait off a.s.a.p. have to get my head round its a new way of life. Youv done so well, once agane thank you. xx

  • Hi kismit

    You've taken the biggest step by making a start :-). I swim too like notsobigmama, my pool has a couple of "ladies only" sessions and I'm now on speaking terms with several of the other Saturday regulars. The other great free exercise is walking, just try to go a little bit further everytime.

    Good luck

  • Hi Kismit,I am glad to hear you are joining us and well done for making that step which is not always easy, but we are all here for the same thing so i am sure you will be fine please keep in touch with us even on your bad days/

    Good luck

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