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Is the C25K programme available in a print off version?

I am trying to increase my stamina in preparation for a 5k in May this year. I go to three classes during the week and once to the gym.

While at the gym the past couple of weeks, I have been concentrating on building up my stamina on the treadmill. I am now at the point where I can walk at a reasonable pace for 10 minutes, then run for 30 seconds. I did this last night and completed the 5k in 53 minutes (considering I could hardly walk last year, this is real progress for me).

I am wondering if I would be better to try to run for 30 seconds more frequently (maybe every 5 minutes) or stick with the 10 minute intervals and aim for a 1 minute run?

I am quite enjoying using the treadmill and I watch the tv while on it, so the pod cast does not appeal, but the advise would be good if there was a schedule I could look at.

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Hi the schedule can be seen at nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/...

Good Luck with it!


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