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Hi folks - big milestone!

Hi everyone,

I need to take a bit of a break from this blog due to other pressures on my time at the moment.

However, the good news is I've come in this morning at 96 Kgs.

That makes me now, officially, only 'overweight' and no longer obese and means I've lost 10 Kgs since 11/1/2013 and not spent a single penny on Weightwatchers, Slimming World or any of the others.

Don't get me wrong, I know only too well that I've got another 16 Kgs to go to get to 'normal' band of BMI, but if I can get to the halfway stage (93 Kgs) by the end of this 12/13 week period, I'll be well happy.

Good luck, folks, I'll catch back up with you in a few weeks time.

(Just a quick word to the newcomers, DO read around the NHS Choices pages - there really is good information on them and that information has been really, really helpful to me in my journey to date).

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All the best with your weightloss journey and look forward to your return here


Congratulations on your weightloss.

You've hit a psychological milestone as well, I hope that's given you a boost!

We'll all be looking forward to your return,

just keep on riding the weight loss bus! ;p


That's great news Doikosp! Thanks for all your help in the forum. We'll be here when you come back!


I am so happy for you!!!! Pls. let us know when you reach the halfway :), and and I am sure that you will..


All the best Doikosp. Whenever I feel like giving up, I always think of your saying and I "stay on the weightloss bus". Thanks for the inspiration.


That is great!!!! Superb achievement! Looking forward to reading further on your return.


fantastic, you're a great encouragement and example. Look forward to your advice and supportive words when you return.


Fantasic wightloss Doilkosp. I'm going to miss reading your bloggs. Why don't you print off these comments and keep them with you. Then If the going gets a little tuff, they may give you a little lift. You have been an insperation to a lot of people. Look forward to hearing from you in a few weeks when we will all be even lighter.


You will be sadly missed,look forward to your return


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