I wont be fat and 40!

I wont be fat and 40!

How did I get back here???? I am 38 years old, and once again the scales are tipping at closer to 300lbs than 200lbs. Currently 260. This time last year I had lost nearly 60 pounds and was down to 201. Why, why did I gain it all back.

I am a life time dieter. Last time I lost weight by viewing this as a lifestyle change, not a diet. I will take this approach again.

The biggest help last time was online support from those who were going through the same thing. So anyone want a buddy?

For those starting this week, good luck. See you next Thursday for weigh in #1!

PS, the attached picture was taken on New Years Eve and I believe it speaks for itself. Is it possible to have that many chins???


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4 Replies

  • Hi knhedges,

    I am 35, and my weight is currently nearly the same as yours. I too do not want to be fat and forty. Fighting through it and changing things for good. It will take some time, but let's not give up!

  • Hi knhedges

    Going through the same thing as you - so I can really relate. I consider myself to be fairly successful in life, and yet I feel so defeated by my weight and food.

    Good luck


  • Hi Knhedges,

    I have just read your blog and know exactly where your comming from. I also said I wont be fat and forty But at 53 Im starting again at 21st. You go for it my dear!!! I wish you all the best. Be strong.

  • Hi knhedges, I turned the big 'four oh' in January and I am determined this is going to my year for getting my weight sorted. I have yo-yoed in the past, but no more.... plus I have a satin dress I am determined to get into without looking like I am wearing a bin-liner! Keep going girl!

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