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Restaurant advice

Im going to an indian restaurant this saturday and cant avoid it. Dont want to go as its only my second week dietting. Few questions I have:

- can I reduce my calorie intake say by 200 cals on weds thurs and fri to make up the extra calories eaten at the restaurant? Im currently eating 1300cals per day.

- whats the lowest calorie food in your opinion that I can have. Dredding it really as im going with my inlaws and they'll give me the third degree if I dont eat like I normally do (which I am not going to do) and will feel like I have to justify why im eating so little. Then they'll get offended if I dont eat 'properly'.

- how do I avoid rhe temptation and taste buds getting the better of me?

Any advice will be much appreciated

Thanks in advance x

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My first suggestion would be too explain to the outlaws that you are on a diet for your health and get them to support you, chat to them prior to going to the restaurant so they are aware of what your goal is.

Maybe you could give the restaurant a call or pop in if you know where your going and chat to them about healthier options. Always good to know your fav restaurant and if they are not interested maybe that would tell you something about the restaurant.

Have a look at this website maybe some good pointers


good luck


I wish I could explain to them but I know there is no chance in hell that they'll support me, if anything they'll do anything to jeopodise it cos that's how they are. And they'll just laugh in my face. The restaurant owner knows my father in law so if I call them they'll tell him I called and he'll just laugh at that too. Not been to this restaurant before. Will have a look at the website thanks x


Good morning,

Indian food is lovely but sounds like you're having a 'treat' that you're in-laws want you to have more than you do!

I'm not an expert but articles I have read advise avoiding bread/poppadoms/dips and look at tomato based sauces instead of cream.

How do you count calories? If I go out I tend to look at the menu on line then look at My Fitness Pal for calorie count. It's often just a rough guide for takeaway/restaurant food. I'd prob go for a tandoori starter (only having starter to avoid being anti-social) and something like a chicken shaslic ( roasted with onion, pepper & tomato) for main.

Personally I'd stick to your usual diet on the days before and get right back to it on the Sunday. Also don't see your Saturday night indulgence as an excuse to indulge during that day. I'm terrible for thinking I'm having takeaway tonight I may as well have a couple/ half a pack of biscuits with my cuppa.

Do you weigh in on a Monday? I've found that if I weigh myself on a Monday it might show if I've over ate at the weekend- in my mind sometimes unavoidable with family events. However this is usually rectified by the tues/we'd. I now weigh in on a fri to avoid this.

Well, sorry to babble on. Hopefully this is a little bit help!

Be prepared & enjoy your night.

Happy healthy eating!


Thank u. Ill have a look online to see if there's a menu and will try not to overdo it. But seriously I'm not joking my inlaws will just put food in my plate even if I say no. So annoying.


Eating out is covered in Week 7 of the NHS Choices 12 week weight loss plan:


These articles have some helpful tips:




Hi sndkk,

Do you generally get sides to share or each?

If you share then you should be able to hide how much of that you are eating.

For main, if you order anything that comes without a sauce, or sauce separately, that would be better. Most curry sauces contain coconut milk or similar which rank up the calories.

At my Indian, they have a special chef's recommendation section, which generally isn't a curry but Indian style cuisine. If your menu has that then go for one of those.

If they put food on your plate, then just don't eat it. If they have a problem with that then you will have to tell them that it was rude for them to put it on your plate in the first place.

The one thing to remember is that certain things are treats, and not an everyday occurrence. This meal WILL tip you over your calorie limit for Saturday. However, remember these things:

>Your daily calorie limit is LESS THAN the amount you require, as you are on a weight loss plan. The calories you have already saved through out the rest of the week may well balance out your meal anyway.

> You can add in an extra exercise session Saturday/Sunday or try a different, more intense type of exercise.

> A treat is allowed. This plan is about long term diet changes and NOT a faddy crash diet. If you don't lose weight or as much as you thought then there is always next week and the week after......

Let us know how you got on.


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