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Sloppy Counting Costs lbs!

Having weighed myself this last Monday I was pleased to discover I had lost 7 lb since the start of my diet (approx 12 days ago at that point). However, this morning I thought I would have another private weigh in only to find I have put on 3 lbs since Monday! After moving the scales around the kitchen floor to different positions and giving them a vigorous shake I am now have to face the reality that I have gotten sloppy with my recording and portion sizes! Life sucks!

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Hi you should really only stick to weighing yourself once a week our weight goes up and down throughout the day,so i wouldnt read into it too much just pick a day and just try and stick to that. thats why at one point i wouldnt have scales in the house,i have now but i am strict with myself and only go on once a week.

Good luck

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