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need advise

I wonder would someone have a look and tell me where im wrong

i started this and have been using mfp but i feel im not doing it right,

im coming in under the 1400 cals a day and have been doing exercise that im able to do after the operation but not sure if im right,

im finding it hard ie i hate vegetables and have been making sure i eat fresh fruit but i hate water and im struggling

Any Advise

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Hi Sweetgal891,

Can't help with the mfp, but I would stress that your body needs to keep up its hydration levels when you're losing weight. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean plain water - it could be flavoured with squash, or fruit juice watered down, or even tea, coffee, milk (probably best to do the skimmed version!), OR it could be through eating fresh fruit such as melon, grapes, oranges, etc. (I realy like green and white teas, the way the Chinese drink them).

Whatever way you actually do that, try to avoid 'empty' calories, i.e. drinks that have sugar in them and little or no other nutrients.

If you're not eating veg, and especially green veg in some form, then you may be losing out on some nutrients and may need to replace those in other ways.

When your losing weight, getting a balanced diet with the full range of nutrients is probably even more important.

Hopes that helps a little.


hi i tried the squash but dont like it either, i drink tea wit a little semi skimmed milk,i started to drink milky coffee.

im a fussy eater this is my problem i pick alot this is what i had on mon

Monday i had

for breakfast i had toast with jam

for lunch 1 slice of bread and half a pot noddle (not the best lunch but needed shopping)

for dinner i made enchiladas no oil, used loads of lettuce, onion little or no cheese etc

made as healthy as possible

snacks i had,a tin of pepsi max, half an apple

alot drank 5 cups of tea

today i had

breakfast porriage

lunch lettuce little cheese 1 slice of ham wrap

dinner sausage bacon toast

snacking on strawberries, melon

i havent really wanted to eat as im getting the cold plus have a crazy headache

i dunno what im meant to eat this is my problem i red the things u told me to read but i found that i was put off by the foods cause im so fussy



I agree with Doikosps comments, seems your not consuming enough water. Dehydration can cause headaches along with numerous other complications.

Have you tried making your own smoothies?

Plenty of fresh fruit with ice and / or water added, i also add fresh vegetables to mine. try not to add any sugar. Experiment with your own recipes or search for free healthy recipes on the internet. Will add to your daily intake of fruit / veg, increase your fibre intake and water intake.

Green tea is excellent choice, but coffee/tea and carbonated drinks can/may contain caffiene and that will cause further dehydration.

The rule of thumb i always use in regards to food, is that try and keep it as close to its natural state as possible, and the higher and darker the colour of the fruit / vegetables the better.


Hi Sweetgal891

If you like fruit but are not keen on veg maybe you could try the sweeter ones like tomatoes, sweet potato, butter squash, parsnips or carrots. Making them into soups is a good way and means you can make a batch and freeze extra portions. Or smoothies as Bkbll suggests. Try avocado mixed in with berries. Or maybe V8 vegetable juice. Also, you seem to be eating a lot of carbs (bread, porridge, tortillas) How about trying grilled bacon and poached egg for breakfast with orange juice. Also, why not check out the Food Smart website which has loads of simple and healthy recipe ideas? Hope that helps give you some food for thought...


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