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Just joined!


I'm not new to weigh loss but new to this website. I started my journey last June, just before I had a big birthday; it was for a number of reasons (in no particular order):




I've now lost 2 and a half stone with the help from my fab GP practice nurses, I visit once a month to be "monitored" and weighed. The good thing is that they don't judge but fortunately I have never gained but now my losses are tailing off - that's why I've joined this site for a bit more motivation and moral support :-).

My best motivational tip is to appreciate the changes you make to your lives; I went for a health check to find that my cholesterol and blood pressure are now much lower than they were a year ago. I do go to the gym and hate it, but the nurses explained how much difference the exercise has made to my lifestyle - I'll never be a "gym bunny" but love the results.

I would love to lose another stone before my next birthday but am not going to beat myself up about it if I don't.

I'm looking forward to becoming inspired, motivated and gaining some slimming buddies.

Good luck all x

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Hi fairymo,

Well done.

Just one thing I would say is that if you've already lost about 15 or 16 kilos, then your daily calorie requirement will be less than it was when you started, because there is 16 kgs less of you that your body has to 'maintain'.

So you may well find that you just need to cut the calories a tad more, now you have a lighter body, or up the exercise a tad more.

To put it another way around, if when you started you were eating, say, 1400 calories or whatever, a day that would have been a fair bit less than what your old body needed to maintain itself. Now that 1400 calories, or whatever, won't be so far short of it as there's less of you.

Good luck.


Thanks, my nurse has said the same so I've asked the gym instructor to step my programme up a bit and I'm trying to be a bit more careful about the "extras"!


Thank you, the link is very useful - I've book marked it so I can find it when I need inspiration :-)


Hi Fairymo,

Firstly, well done on being so great. You must be able to see a big difference in how you look and feel.

I'm also new to the site, but not new to weight loss. My BMI is currently 42.3 (I know, terrible) But last year i managed to lose just shy of 3stone through Slimming World. I've put most of it back on now though, so joining here is part of my motivation to get it off (and a lot more).

You said you go to your GP. This is something I'd really like more information about. How easy was it to do? Is it just classed as a normal appointment? Did he/she help you plan better? I'm a little scared of going to the doctors, but I really do need the help. Keep starting on my own, and then giving up!


Hi Vicky

Well I started off going to my GP as I was getting breathless :-( , I've always had "high normal" blood pressure but it was getting higher. My GP said she didn't want to put me on tablets so if I could lose some weight then I might be able to avoid them. She mentioned that the practice nurse was seeing people with weight problems and suggested that I make an appointment. I was so glad I did, she was lovely no lecture she looked through a food and exercise diary that I had kept and gave advice - the best bit was I wasn't to go on a diet but to make lifestyle changes and needed to do some form of exercise too.

I go every 4 weeks for a weigh in with the nurse and it's a chance for me to ask any questions that I may have thought of since my last visit. There's no "clinic" and it's an individual appointment. I think it would be great if you went to see your GP, they will be pleased that you have made a decision to become healthier and should be able to offer advice that is relevant to you.

Good luck, let me know how you get on :-)


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