And all of a sudden - It's Monday again!

O.K. you Monday way in folk - how have you been doing?


Oh well, I kind of accidentally lost a kilo in two days for some strange reason!

So I've been trying to counter that a bit and this morning have come in at 96.6 kgs which is still a bit on the 'too fast' side at 1.3 kgs less than last Monday's 97.9,

But it's not as drastic as it might have been!

Good luck everyone.


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7 Replies

  • I was thinking this morning, having in mid that you manage to find time and a nice word for all of us, how are you doing. I am happy to hear that you are on the track.

  • Hi 2Bhappy,

    I'm 'fast-tracking' a bit, actually. But I'll adjust things a bit to balance it out. The kilo in two days kind of surprised me, but that sort of rate of loss is not good in the longer terms, so I'm glad I've pulled it back in a bit.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Doikosp,

    Despite my blip during the week, I have lost 1 lb at weigh-in this morning. I'm back on the bus now though. It was the home made wholemeal bread that did it for me. Too tempting.

    You have done very well this week.

    Good luck everyone.

  • HI,

    I'm new. Aiming to get back to healthy ways after my baby was born 6 months ago...don't think I can blame extra pounds on baby anymore. However I'm still feeding so hopefully going to have nice steady weight loss.

    I weighed-in on Saturday so thinking of recording with the Friday group. Just thought I'd see how folks are doing in this group to keep me on track during the week.

    Well done everyone.

    Happy healthy eating!

  • Hi Doikosp,

    After a week off last week for holiday, I'm ready and raring to go again.

    On a positive note I was able to keep the calories down during the week by having small portions on the main meals. After trying a large breakfast on the first day I felt a little sick, having overeaten, so my stomach has definitely shrunk on the first couple of weeks.

    On the negative side, puddings and sweets crept in, especially on the drive home so a healthy diet went out of the window.

    I don't weigh in until after my gym session at the evening, so I'll be able to post weight/inches later, but I can say that now I'm back at work and in my work pants they are still feeling quite loose, which I am happy with :)

  • HI bumblebeaz,

    Don't know if this will help, but perhaps you can adapt it in some way.

    I've found I've been out for quite a long while in the car on a few occasions, and felt hugely tempted to stop somewhere for a cuppa. And we all know that a cuppa is too wet without something to go with it ....

    So to short-curcuit that, I bought some higher protein, lower calories Atkins diet bars from a well known chain of pharmacists and put them in the car glovebox.

    Instead of stopping a cuppa a some naughties, I now just have a bit of one of those bars as a snack to tide me over and usually have some more of it before I'm home. (I don't just eat it in one go, so it works like two or three 'snacklets').

    Good luck.

  • Cheers Doikosp, that could be helpful if we're away again.

    I don't tend to have hot drinks, its just the sweets that I ate on the way back that were way too naughty. Gladly I slept most of the 20 hour journey :)

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