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Restarting week 2

Final day of week 2. Havent done very well this week. The cold weather wreaked havoc on my arthritis and I stumbled mid week with the diet indulging my achey joints with some comfort food. I have stayed on track since but am unlikely to show any loss at weigh in tomorrow so am considering starting week 2 again (is this cheating or should I just put it behind me and start week 3).

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I'm not sure if it's cheating or not, but I don't know why you wouldn't be allowed to restart the week. I nessence you would be giving yourself an extra week to ingrain healthy habits and behaviours, which can't be bad.

Good luck, and I hope it warms up and your arthritis isn't so bad this week.


Hi TubbyTil,

Don't worry about the blip - focus on the trend. Just keep riding the weight-loss bus.

Good luck


Thank you. Have decided to start week 2 again as combined with my dietary blip I was unable to up my exercise so I am giving myself a second chance to get week 2 right this time. Whoever said weightloss is as simple as cutting calories doesnt know what they are talking about. Outside influences impact dieting and these dont just come from friends, family, events and colleagues. Some people are strong enough to resist these influences. Others stumble (like me) but I choose to 'keep calm and carry on'. I will not give up at the first hurdle. Re-doing week 2 is my way of dealing with my blip - an extra week!

Good luck to everyone this week


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