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Put up the 12 week plan on my calendar :)

All excited to begin and most importantly stick to the exercise and controlled diet regimen. Did a lot of reading on balanced diets and having a more active lifestyle - quite motivating. I have a BMI of 26...hope to bring it down to 20. Had my son last year and have lost most of the pregnancy weight but, its sort of creeping back due to my non-stop sweet craving and binge eating. I think it's mostly to do with spells of despair since I have a very active toddler and all my time seems to go in looking after him. Need to take out time to focus on myself!

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Hi DesignKaapi,

Well if you've already had a good read of the NHSChoices lose weight pages and a good read around these blogs, know your BMI and have decided what you're heading for weight wise then ...

Just get on the weight-loss bus!

Good luck.


Good luck with the plan! I've put my chart up on my fridge with the hope that it will remind me when I am close by!


Yes, good luck! I'm staring tomorrow and have plan up and ready! I'm still trying to lose my baby weight after no.1! She's 4 now ... oops!



I'm post pregnancy too! 6 months old now. Have been having a look around the site for others in similar position. I've been breastfeeding and despite the great advice I' m not a svelt size 10 as a result of all those extra calories burnt. In fact I weigh more than I did at my 6 week check. I started the plan on Sat as didn't want to wait for another Monday after yet another weekend binge, I too have a sweet tooth....vices-chocolate, jellies, whole packets of biscuits and in cases of emergency spoonfuls of peanut butter.

I've decided to weigh in with the fri group but seeing how Monday group are doing as a bit of encouragement. Don't intend to compete as think it would be unhealthy. I want steady weightloss not big numbers!

HAppy healthy eating!


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