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Back on the bus

Hi all,

So further to my question last week about causes of a gain you may recall that I had a blip last week and despite not going too far off plan I gained 1.5lb. After everyone's feedback I decided to knuckle down and go back into Weightwatchers kickstart program. This is a points allowance of 26 per day. I also upped my exercise, I've been following C25K so continued to work on that, I'm halfway through W2 at present and then on the "rest days" in between I was swimming doing 20 lengths of my gym's pool and I ventured outside to run in the park yesterday so only had 1 day off in the week but still did a fair amount of walking.

Went to weigh in today and thankfully it paid off and I lost 4lb this week. This has also allowed me to achieve my first goal of a 5% weightloss. I'm going to try to maintain the exercise this week but may allow myself to go up to my daily allowance, though having seen the result I might try one more week of kickstart to try to get to that 1st stone which is 1.5lb away.

Hope that everyone else is still riding the bus!

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Beth 5,

Don't worry about the blip - focus on the trend.

I might get that translated into Latin and put it like a motto around a fake Coat of Arms!

Well done.


Thanks Doikosp, a coat of arms sounds like a great idea though I'm not sure that there's a latin translation for blip though.


Wow well done you my weigh in is thur so hope I've lost something ,I'm enjoying weight watchers and find it easy to stick too haven't done the exersice bit yet but hey I may get there in the end


I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get a good loss on Thursday Elaineanne, do let us know how you get on!


A well known web site has a latin translation page,and your right, blip is blip

Nolite solliciti circa blip focus trend


Nice work Newpie, Doikosp can get his coat of arms made up :-)


Hi newpie,

Well, I've got to admit I laughed out loud at that one.

I didn't really think anyone would try to translate that!

I've come up with 'Operor non fatigo super blip incumbo in fossa'.

But somehow I don't think it would convince many - the word 'blip' does rather give the game away!

O.K. it's a bit of a cheat, but how about 'Operor non fatigo super talea sursum incumbo in fossa'.

Any latin scholars losing weight at the moment?


Hi Doikosp, sounds good, :)


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