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How many calories I burn a day ?

I have checked several calculators and they all give different answers, as a woman in the menopause most say I burn 1230 - 1280 calories per day, if im to lose weight I shouldnt go below 1200 is the recommended calorie intake to stay healthy - how do I move forward and lose weight, I started exersising 2 months ago but so far have seen very little result.

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Hi hiddenmysttt,

This human weight loss thing just isn't mathematically perfect.

Roughly speaking, if you take in less calories than you burn in a day, then you will normally lose weight.

How many calories that is exactly will depend upon how high a body mass you have - the more the body mass, the more calories needed to maintain it, your metabolic rate, how much activiity you do and quite a lot of other factors too

Of course, it's not really as simple as that, because there are lots of things that can impinge upon whether your body stores fat or burns it. Stress, sleeplessness, alcohol, etc., etc.

It's worth having a good read around the NHS live well lose weight pages which contains lots of good advice about diet, nutrition, exercise, etc., etc - and it's all free. It also has a BMI calculator and a free 12 week plan.

It's also worth reading through these blogs as you'll find many questions and issues covered in them and lots of personal experiences from people who are riding the weight-loss bus.


Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) refers to the energy used night and day to sustain life.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) describes all those unseen automatic bodily functions, such as heart, lung and mental functioning. A very significant proportion (60-75%) of TDEE is used to maintain RMR. Calculations of RMR are made over a 24-hour period, but do not include the calories used while sleeping.

How to calculate RMR

Age Male Female

10 - 18 Body weight in kg x 17.5 + 651 Body weight in kg x 12.2 + 746

18 - 30 Body weight in kg x 15.3 + 679 Body weight in kg x 14.7 + 496

31 - 60 Body weight in kg x 11.6 + 879 Body weight in kg x 8.7 + 829


65Kg male age 18-30 - 65kg x 15.3 + 679 RMR = 1673

65Kg female age 31-60 - 65kg x 8.7 + 829 RMR = 1394.5

lots more i could add but tried to keep it very simple,


My favourite calculator is this one:



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