Monday weigh in - how did you do?

Hi all,

It's that time of the week again! Post here to tell us how you got on!

This week I gained 3lb due to a few stressful events last week but I lost a cm around my waist and legs. Its given me a learning curve as I can see how I can cope with something like this is its happens again. Time to get back on track this week!

How about you?


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44 Replies

  • Hi all,

    I'm down 1.4lb this week which makes a total of 14.63lb in 4 weeks since i restarted and 74.4lb down from my heaviest. I'm so pleased, i thought it would take much longer to lose a full stone!! I'm sure it'll get harder from here on though.

    Good luck everyone hope you've had a successful week :o)

  • Wow! Well done sinope82! Thats amazing.

  • Thankyou :o)

    And well done to you for not giving up. I know what its like sometimes life just seems to conspire against us :o( but it doesnt matter how many times we go off the rails so long as we get back on again. I'm sure you'll have a better week this week, good luck

  • Yes well done sinope82! I'm going to try and do the same!

    I was 211lb last week and have 3/4 stone to loose so it's going to take all summer I reckon.

  • 14lb in 4 weeks? That is so inspiring!! I'm not one for weighing myself too often, but people at work have started to notice, which I take is a good thing!

  • Weighed this morning 11st 13Ib lost 3Ib worked hard cutting out naughties, cakes etc. I have walk 9 miles approx this week can't run yet but getting there. I was hoping for more loss but hey ho..

  • Wow, 3lbs is a brilliant weight loss and that is some fantastic walking distance. Well done clewis. :) Are you doing c25k as well or some running plan? It's a great way to build up gradually if you want to run.

  • 3lb is brilliant! Well done! Can't run before you can walk as they say hun. It will take time but you'll be there before you know it!

  • Hi there. I'm pretty new to this site but as I just started afresh last week, today was my first weigh in. Hope it's okay for me to join in? I've got around 4.5-5 stone to lose.

    Weight: 226 lbs

    Weight lost: 3 lbs

    Good luck to all the other 'losers' out there. :)

  • Of course you can join in. Well done on your weight loss. You'll be down yo where you want to be in no time.

  • Just started with 12stones, 12.4 pounds. I did a lot of walking on Friday last week and cycle for 1hr 15min. to work this morning and I will be cycling back home tonight for same distance.

  • Thats alot of cycling Cerrito. Plenty of good cardio to help burn the weight off. Well done.

  • I have lost a pound this week, but the most pleasing is the total inch loss around the waist: 3.5 inches since I started. Nice to have clothes fit so much easier around the waist.

    I can't help but wonder if I am on a bit of a plateau at the moment as I am pretty spot-on with the diet, fight the post-exercise munchies effectively (mostly). As I have visited this (lack of much weight-loss) little scenario before I am not too bothered but wish it would change soon. With me it seems that weight-loss and inch-loss happens alternatively, seldom simultaneously.

    Running is well on track, ran up in northern scotland this past Saturday, along a beautiful river with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. My adopted country has amazing beauty and serenity.

  • Wow, how amazing.. I can imagine how beautiful it is there gorgeous views.. It beats dodging dog Keep doing what you are doing..Great stuff.. xx

  • My hips still hurt, and I am stiff in the mornings still. xx

  • Hi, I started my diet on a Monday 3 weeks ago but thought we were doing Friday weigh-in's? Anyway, last Friday I lost 1 lb, total 4 lbs now :-) a pleasant surprise after an absolutely disastrous week!

  • Hey yelenots.

    Well done on your weight loss. You've done fab. The admin Steve suggested a Monday weigh in as many people stated that they started on a Monday and that makes sense since the weekly sheets start on a Monday too. Friday's are still up for people who want to do it. Since Steve is on hols he has asked me to post the monday weigh ins for now. Congrats again and keep going.

  • Sounds a good idea!

  • Hiya

    I got weighed, not really expecting to have lost anything...

    Done 3lb, from 211lb to 208lb, really pleased

    Got a little emotional in the cool down section of my Body Conditioning class. Really chuffed!! Here's to the next 67lb!!

    Jo xx

  • Hi Jo, Told you you would lose a few pounds! Well Done :-) Going to be difficult week for me as its half term and I'm off work! Tried to stay busy this morning by doing lots of housework!

    Looks like we've both got the same amount of weight to lose, lets hope we can give each other inspiration :-) Here's to another 3 lb off this week !!

  • Well done Jo, with you all the way. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Everyone seems to be doing incredible! So nice to see so many of us so focused and celebrating losses. I must say after a disappointing week for me I feel supported and motivated by you all and want to say a big thank you!

    Best wishes for the weeks to come!

  • You're welcome. We are all in it together so its' great feeling cheered on. xx Chris xx

  • Weigh in today at the gym 1 kilo down this week now at 82 kilos, approx 12 s 9 lbs. under 13 stones!!!. Well done to everyone, hope you all have a good week :)

  • Go newpie! Brilliant loss.

  • Thanks DreamstoReality, how are you?. hope your little girl is getting better

  • Shes much better now thanks. Went back on solids today and back to her happy self. Such a relief. Hope you are well.

  • Great news. I'm fine thanks

  • I agree it is good to have the support and motivation of other people, I have found everyone really friendly. It's lovely.

    Thank you all for the encouragement.

    Jo xx

  • Week 2 for me lost 1lb this week now 10st 12lb, waist measurement 35 1/2in stayed the same, BMI now 24.53. Hoping to increase exercise this week be nice if could lose 2lb by next week, fingers crossed x

  • Only started last wednesday but still have lost 2LB!

  • Inspiring comments here! Thank you for sharing everyone- i've never been on a forum so this is very new to me but reading peoples progress really motivates me! I've finished my first week and only put on .4 of a pound which is quite disappointing with all the exercise i've been doing, but i'm determined to keep more of a check on my food this week coming so fingers crossed I'll be able to join the 'losers' of lbs next weekend!! x

  • well i weighed in again this morning and I'm down another 2lb this week. that's a grand total of 18 and half lb down in 7 weeks. i am so pleased but i really need to start some exercise. i did start and with one thing and another i haven't managed it lately. this week i need to get back on it.

    well done to everyone this week xx

  • Lost 7 lb this last Monday but have somehow put 3lb back on. Sloppy counting costs lbs me thinks! So disappointed in myself.

  • Please dont feel disheartened. We all slip but you have been able to identify where you think you are going wrong and thats great. Take it as a learning curve and use it to focus. You did brilliant losing 7lb so you have already shown yourself you can do it! Next week you will be smiling at the scales again :)

  • 11st 11lb start, now 11st 5.5lb -first Monday weigh-in but started on previous Friday so 10 day's healthy eating. Vey pleased with the great start of 5.5lb. 1lb is my target for this week as can't expect anything like that again. Slowly does it!

  • I'm back didn't weigh in over Xmas ate and drank everything in sight and couldn't get my motivation back put on weight now 15st exactly and back on target ( I hope) had boiled egg for breakfast and a lovely salmon salad for lunch feeling full with hairy dieters chicken casserole for dinner followed by Greek yoghurt and fruit going to try to drink more water as l really feel this helps thanks for the support on this site and good luck to everyone

  • Sorry, Superslim

    you found a post that started 4 years ago, there is a new weigh-in sith todays date, will try and find a link for you 🙂

  • Hope this works 😊

  • Good morning everyone. I kost 1 lb this week despite doing 8 gym sessions varied strength and cardio. I'm a bit disappointed because my husband has lost 5lbs without any extra exercise. Hopefully it is the fat to muscle ratio change but I've not lost any inches either. I've just bought a Fitbit thing so hopefully it will help. Better luck next week 🤞

  • Mission17

    You're in the wrong place.

    This is a very old postcards(4years ago)

    You need to go to home page and scroll for Monday 20th Feb. Good luck. Xx :)

    You'll see it's be posted by Mollydex

  • Thanks jopo. I realised that eventually and reposted. I'm not used to the site yet and find it hard to follow. Xx

  • Well done, it takes a bit of getting used to but well worth it it. :)

    Don't give up the gym sessions, that's really important for building that important lean muscle. Brilliant xx

  • Thanks Jopo

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