Walking the dog

I am in the throws of taking over walking the dog. To get ready for running (I have weak ankles) I walked a mile around our block 'measured in my car last year'. 2 3rds My left hip started up, It felt like it's out of socket strange sensation my leg went stiff because it ached so much. I don't have any illness's yet regard limbs is this normal for a couch potato xx


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6 Replies

  • Hi there, we can easily walk a mile buzzing around the shops without even noticing, you may have been walking too quickly because you were conscious of "taking exercise" and overdid it a bit, it makes sense to do some walking to prepare for running as this will strengthen your legs and improve flexibility, I would try it again and consult your GP if you are still having trouble. High five for you because you just "got off the couch"

  • Thank you bizzyb xxx

  • Well done for taking over the dog walking....I found that once you master the walking and get fitter, you find that you naturally want to start running a little. I suffer with week ankles and found that wearing ankle supports help a lot.....but running is totally out for me, as I ruptured my Achillies Tendon last year..(I did that by falling down the stairs) so I'm just mastering the walking again.

  • Oh dear!! I hope you get well soon. xx

  • Hi Clewis, Haven't seen you on hear for a while just wondering how you are?

  • Hi I'm fine I am busy getting stuff ready for the doll fair (Motor bike Museum). I am still walking the dog and watching the portions. Nearly at an end.. be back on track soon.. Thank you for asking. I hope you are mastering walking take it easy.. xx Chris xx

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