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This is it

47 years old Male, an amazing wife who keeps herself fit trim and healthy despite a mastectomy . Then why do I weigh 118 kGS and am 5ft 11 in tall.?Sort yourself out!

Used to go to the gym 3 times per week. Change of job no nearby gyms but a pub within 100 yards of my office.

It has to stop. No alcohol over the weekend, we start the food challenge today 1500 calories per day and excercise every day for 30 minutes Target for May below 105KG.

For the first time in 2 years I am in the zone.

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Hi Ahird2911,

Go for it!

I have and I feel loads better for it.

There's lots of free advice and informationon these blogs and on the NHS live well lose weight pages including a BMI calculator (a good starting point) and a free 12 week plan.

'Fraid alcohol and weight loss are not bed-fellows really. Alcohol is 7kcal a g which is only just under fat at kcal a g!

But worse than that, alcohol impedes both nutrient absorption and fat burn. The drinkaware site is worth a look.

Good luck.


Best of luck to you, I have just started this week, there are a couple of other people too so hopefully we can all encourage each other, I am hoping to get the hubby on board as he does all the cooking. Work is the devil for making you too busy for exercise and a healthy lifestyle, also takes up so many hours of the day!


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