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Week One 8th to 15 Feb - Goals to be achieved

Strayed into this territory when re-visiting Couch to 5k so here goes.

Current state - Friday 8th

Wgt 75.3 KG

BF 42.5 percent

BMI 31.3

Target to weigh 60 KG (15 kgs reduction)

As I have always found it very difficult to shed weight I have not set any goals like "lose 2 lbs per week" as it is always so demoralizing when I have kept strictly to calorie limits and not reduced at all or only half a pound a week. (I am currently maintaining weight on WW 26 points.) Instead, I will do all of these things below and this should lead to a weight reduction of some kind and if necessary I have to repeat the 12 weeks until I meet the weight loss target.


Specific: Read document and follow week one of programme.

Measureable: Calories per day 1300 === (50s, short and sedentary)

Achievable: To walk at lunchtime 4 times this week, (2 mile circuit)

Relevant: Begin Couch to 5K , Weds, Fri, Sunday

Time-specific: By 2nd May - To be Running 5K - To have completed 12 week program to achieve 5% loss, then 10% loss and then I will reset

Will update next week, best of luck to every one, lets all give it a go


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I am starting the plan today, so hopefully we can give eachother support and encouragement. Good look with Week One goals, I will be doing my blog later today once I have been weighed at the Leisure Centre. Best wishes

Jo x


Hi Jo,

Great idea for us to encourage each other, there are a couple of other new starters too so hopefully they will come on board too. Best of luck with your goals, lets make sure we catch up at the end of the week


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