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'Marks and Spencer Diet'

I am not good at counting calories so this seems good to me. The diet is on their website and consists of mainly their Count on us or Fuller Longer ranges. There are also snacks which are calorie counted. I am aiming for about 1300 calories a day.I do however have a problem with prepared foods because of additives, but M&S should be ok? Not getting much exercise yet because of a foot problem which hopefully will be resolved soon. Have lost about 4 pounds in a month, but it is very up and down, lose 2 one week gain 1 the next, but the general direction is down

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I don't think that I could do that one. First of all it would be too expensive, buying ready meals. I am a train journey away from M&S, but I prefer home cooking.


Hi margeg,

I'm sure M&S will be grateful for the brand loyalty, but personally I couldn't stick with any one brand of ready made food as I would just get bored rigid with it.

Generally speaking I find most ready meals rather bland and in fact, spice is the friend of the dieter. So I'd be re-jigging it with chilli flakes and pepper and stuff all the time.

For me - and I'm sure as hell no Jamie Oliver - but I'd much rather cook my own dinners having bought good fresh ingredients as much as possible.

Good luck.


I have already tried a couple of M&S ready meals from the 'Fuller for Longer' range - they were the Jambalaya (which I think was approx 365 calories) and also the Chicken and risotto one. Similar calories I think. Both were really tasty, and also very satisfying for a main meal. I also often have the M&S chocolate low calorie mousses (95 calories each) as a dessert, and they are delicious! I also like the smaller salad packs (containing edamame beans and other ingredients) - I know they sell two of those for £3, and I'll have some chicken with half of a couple of those packs today for lunch.

I've not checked out the diet on the website, but I can vouch for the fact that I have really enjoyed those foods from M&S, and I think there are some good ranges there to choose from. They used to sell the Fuller for longer meals at 3 for 2, but I think they are now back to full price. I also really enjoy the stir fry meal deal - which has a choice of chicken, beef or pork, with a choice of noodles and choice of stir fry veg and choice of stir fry sauce - all for £6 - it makes a good meal for 2 people and is also really delicious and filling.

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Yes I started when these were 3 for 2. It's usually only the main meal of the day that I have one Breakfast is homemade yogurt with fruit and seeds, lunch is salad, eggs, or fish with wholesale bread or toast. Weekends are a problem when I meet other people for meals, but midweek when I generally eat by myself, I usually manage about 1300 calls without feeling hungry.


Yes I too have tried these foods and find them very tasty ,really good if you don't have a lot of time on your hands just add a few veggies and dinner in no time , what price can you put on that if it works for you the I say go for it .


why don't you look at the slimming world way of doing it the say nothing but good healthy food none of the brand stuff


I've just checked the Slimming World website.

It was just a matter of time before someone jumped on the horsemeat bandwagon wasn't it?

As everywhere else, you get what you pay for, M&S are the only ready meals I eat, their list of ingredients seem to be pretty well free of additives.. I watched the documentary on Weight Watchers recently, this is the only slimming group that I have tried, and that programme pretty well summed,up how I feel about the big slimming organisations. Slimming world suggested crab sticks quorn and baked beans Yeuck ! I do make some meals myself, and as I have said before I have home made yoghurt for breakfast,but whenever I do this I can't count the calories correctly. IThis way I can eat foods that I enjoy

without feeling hungry, and so far it seems to be working for me


I dropped four dress sizes six years ago on mark and spencers count on you stuff as well as other stuff stayed the size I lost weight to ever since so it does work


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