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Just starting week 2

Week one wasn't too bad. Managed to cut down on naughty snax by eating more fruit. Grazing on grapes, berries and raisins seemed to do the trick. Keeping a count of my mugs of tea and coffee on day 1 really helped. I drank 10 mugs! My hubby says I drink too much but I didn't realise it was so many. For the rest of the week I drank 6 hot drinks a day. I've swapped coffee for a chicory drink and drink my tea from a teacup instead of a mug. I allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning.

I've lost 2lb but no inches from my waist. I have lost 1inch from my thighs though and can now pull up my skinny jeans again (yey!) . When I lose weight it seems to go from my arms legs, bottom and bust which are not that big. Most of my weight is from my bust down to my waist. Any tips how to shift it? I tend to look about 6 months pregnant in loose clothes or have a very big muffin top and rolls in fitted clothes !! I would like to lose 3 stone and go down from 13 stone to 10. I ought to weigh between 8 and half to 9 and half. I am 5ft 2". I am size 16 at the moment and it would be nice to be a size 12 -14 again.

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Well Done! I am on week 2 as well.....and I would like to loose 3 stone too! I was disappointed yesterday when I got on the scale to find I had only lost 1lb but have been on them again this morning as it said 2lbs (plus a inch off my waist) so I am happy again!


Hi, I know it can be disappointing when you are trying but cannot see the weight loss you would like. Its great that your weight is going down though. Losing weight slowly and healthily is the best way cos it means you will be able to maintain your weight. People who lose weight quickly on unhealthy crash diets can easily put it back on later.

If you eat healthily and continue with your exercise you will see the results you want. We just have to be a little patient and don't expect too much at once. I think 2lb a week is considered the goal to aim for so you're on target! Also remember you may gain muscle which weighs more than fat. Try using your inch loss as a guide to how much fat you've lost. Glad your'e feeling happy again, you should be!


HI LadyJazz,

Well done on the weight loss! I'm on week 2 day 2 and looking to go from 12st 9lb to somewhere between 9st and 91/2st, so similar to you.

I've been doing sit ups in the morning before work and gradually increasing the amount, so now after a week I am at 50 situps (5 x 10 reps). It will help build your muscles in your tummy which will then start to help burn some fat. You need to lose the fat around your waist for any 6 pack you might get to show through though!

what other exercise are you doing?


Hi Bumblebeaz, Thanks.

I've been doing yoga and muscle exercises using Wii fit and also some of the aerobics. I have to be careful as I have osteoarthritis in my hip and both knees. I am planning to start aqua aerobics and to do more walking (the cold weather is putting me off at the moment).

I will definitely have a go at the sit ups and other floor excercises though. My six year old goes to gymnastics and does 30 sit ups a day. She said "It's easy for me Mummy but it will be hard for you cos your OLD!" Cheeky mite.!


Are you able to do the hula hoop game on the wii fit (is it on the wii fit as I have wii fit plus??)?

Its supposed to be good for your waist line.

Aqua aerobics sounds like a good idea for you as its low impact, maybe you could swim afterwards - there's lots of posters advertising the benefits of swimming being better than the gym at the moment where I work out!


Hi, yes I've got wii fit plus too and sometimes do the hula hoop game. I've done most of the aerobic games and balance games . I try to mix and match but do the boxing, step plus and the strange flying chicken suit game every day. I'll definitely try swimming I think that will be good for me.


Hi Lady,

Well done to you.,,

Have you tried swimming? Its suppose to be one of the best forms od excersise.

If your worriedmabout going in the pool orspending money on the pool or gym what about workout dvds at home?

Some of them are really good, I have a few really old ones which are quite tough.

I know how you feel, I am under 5foot amd I also have a belly that looks like Im pregnant, I doubt that my baggy tops are getting not so baggy!!

I have just stoppedmsmoking (into 3rd week) and have put on so much weight, havent even been eating that much crap either, just beeh havingmthe usual portions at meal times and its all usually pretty healthy stuff too.....

Once I tackle the smoking I'll tackle the weight ;)


Hi, orkney Sarah


I am planning to take up swimming next week. I'm using Wii fit to do exercise at home at the moment and I actually enjoy the different exercises and activities!

Well done for giving up smoking. That's not an easy thing to do! Lotsa people say they put on weight after stopping smoking, I don't know if its because they snack more or that their body is able to take in more nutrients etc from the food they eat. I know when I stopped smoking , (many years ago now), I started eating more biscuits and sweets. I was very slim then though so it didnt really affect me.

I think I eat very healthily but have slowly put on weight over the years although my diet has not changed. I can't just watch my weight go up and up so I have had to be quite strict with myself. I have slightly smaller portions and have cut out fatty and sweet snacks - biscuits, cakes, crisps, chocolate etc. I have cut down on dairy products such as cheese and no take outs. When I can see my weight going down I'll start having an occasional treat.

I think it might be a good idea if you just eat a slightly smaller portion of food and cut down on any snacks. If you drink alcohol maybe you could cut down on the amount of units you drink. Maybe decide to change one thing about your diet each week.

Keep up the good work with quitting smoking and just take one step at a time with your weight. You sound like you have got the will power so I'm sure you'll do just as well losing weight when you are ready to start.


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