What do you think about a "Friday weigh-in" session?

Hi all,

We're thinking of setting up a "Friday weigh-in" session in the Weight Loss community. Simply post your weight loss or gain for the week under the "Friday weigh-in" blog entry.

We thought it could be a good way to keep people motivated throughout the week as well as getting people together to share information and get support etc...

It's totally voluntary. What do you think?


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24 Replies

  • I think this is a fab idea. We can celebrate to losses we have and discuss why we may jot have lost that week. It will keep people on track and supported week by week. I'll join in.

  • Yeah - I'm up for it

  • I don't weigh myself regularly (as it never seems to change!) but this would give me more motivation to do it I think, even though it's a bit "confessional"

  • It's a really good idea. It will help keep us motivated. I'm all for it.

  • Yes - except my week start/end falls on a Monday :(

  • My weigh-in day is a Friday anyway so sounds like a good idea to me :)

  • Yes I'll do it.......seeing my scales didn't say what I wanted them today perhaps they'll be correct by Friday!! :)

  • a great idea :) please, count me in...

  • I started yesterday but am up for a Friday weigh-in

  • Sounds like a great idea. Count me in!

  • I only started yesterday but would like to join in hopefully an incentive to keep on track going public

  • Sounds good to me :-)

  • It would be more of an incentive to stay on track.

  • I'm in too

  • Yes please, think it might help.

  • My normal weigh in day is a Thurs, so pushing it to a Friday shouldn't make too much difference! I'm in!

  • Great idea, will help keep me motivated!

  • This is a great idea. It will keep me on track.

  • A wonderful idea. I can share my achievements with my friends but most have never needed to lose weight so they don't quite know how to respond in a positive way!

  • Yes good idea, at least I will give insentive.

  • Yes, please. Really motivational.

  • Fab idea , would really help me . X

  • Sounds a good idea!

  • I am new here, I would like to start this, it will really help.

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