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Hi all,

I'm a married mother of 2 who is about to begin a nursing degree. After being overweight for the last 5 years and having my second child 6 months ago, I felt I should practice what I will soon be preaching and be a better role model to my children and my future patients. So I am currently losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle by following the guidelines for how we should eat, drink and exercise...and I couldn't feel better! I have so far lost 1 stone 11 lbs in the last 6 months and have another 12 lb to lose to get to a healthy BMI. I have congential heart disease, asthma and carpal tunnel syndrome and I have managed to improve my life so much in the last 6 months. I have struggled with my weight over the last 5 years and been on too many diets to count but I got firm with myself 6 months ago and admitted I wasn't exercising enough and didn't have a clue what a portion size was and I'd never looked at how many calories where in my food! So I looked up how much we should eat and how much exercise we should do, how I could build up to it, joined my local gym and started a food diary! Best thing I ever did and I hope I can inspire you all to join me.

To get you started, try the following links if you haven't been on them already:





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2 Replies

  • It does feel good, doesn't it?

    It's hard to explain to people who haven't taken the plunge, but I feel so much better for losing some weight and upping the exercise a bit.

    Well done - keep going!

  • You go girl!! we will be rooting for you.. Big hugs

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