Can you suggest some good pre-gym snacks?

When I leave work on an evening (6-7 PM), I'm normally hungry and looking forward to dinner. I'm finding that I keep skipping out on the gym in favour of going straight home to make dinner, especially as I get really light headed and shaky when I need to eat.

Can you suggest any snacks that will put me on until dinner and leave me with enough energy to hit the gym?

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  • I know it doesn't sound much but a banana is ideal to give you energy pre exercise.

  • Nature Valley bars or similar are good, and I also agree with pollyolly that a banana is good

  • dried fruit is an excellent pre-gym snack and as the other have said, a banana is great because it contains carbohydrates too so deal with hunger well. Also try to have a drink of weak squash. The extra little bit of sugar from the squash before you eat will give you a quick relief from the shaking that you get when followed by a good snack such as a banana, it will give you satisfaction to last a bit longer.

    How are your eating habits whilst you are in work?

  • Thanks!

    I normally have a mid morning snack of fruit or a cereal bar and then lunch is usually a sandwich with granary bread. I tend not to eat much at work. It's usually hectic and I don't have much time to eat.

  • Maybe try to keep some low calorie bubbles with you like rice cakes just to keep your blood sugars from dipping after lunch and plenty of fluids. Hope u find you are managing better soon.

  • Hi,

    Fruit such as bananas and other high fibre food (whole grain bread, crackers etc) are recommended. Avoid sweet drinks such as colas etc as they will give you a sugar rush and leave you deflated soon after.

  • I have a bannana it seems to hold the hunger at bay while i workout

  • I leave for the gym at 6:30am in the morning and don't have time to eat a full breakfast. I usually start with a cup of coffee and a glass of fruit juice (read sugar-water) but lately I've included a single breakfast bar. This is a bit high on the carbs and only 8% of my Calories/day but seems to work for me.

    After the gym I have fruit; banana or apple, once I get to work.

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