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Ive downloaded all the stuff and Im ready to start the losing weight 12 week programme tomorrow. Ive read everything and it all makes sense and seems easy but I know its not going to be as Im a really bigger eater. I currently weigh 19stone and 4lbs and are 5ft 5". Ive started gaining health problems due to my weight and know that nows the time to act. Ive got the motivation mentally but Im really weak when get even the slightest hunger pains and eat everything thats not nailed down. Does anyone have any amazing tips to help as I really dont want to fail this one. I want to put my determined head to reality and crack this healthy lifestyle.

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I'm starting tomorrow too. Want to try and stick to this 12 week plan together?

My survival kit will be to always have water and chewing gum with me, plan my meals in advance and get rid of all temptation from my house.

Those hunger pains are a real ruiner. I think you have to work really hard at not giving into them for the first three days and then it gets easier.

Good luck for tomorrow.



Hey Mutley,

Yeah a diet buddy would be great, well as long as your not better than me hee hee hee. No thats a brilliant idea and really appreciate the suggestion. Its great having people in the same vote to help out with advice and support.

So how did you find your first day? I really struggled. Due to being a bigger eater I had already decided not to start with the 1400 cals, I went for 1700 and Im going to drop it down over the week so start my second week on 1400. My main problem wasnt necessarily hunger, it was more realising the high number of calories in the food Ive been eating. I had more or less used up my 1700 by tea time!!!!!

Im super organised today though. I got rid of all the carp in my cupboards and hit the supermarket this morning and got the cupboards full of low calorie healthy foods. It was a long trip though reading all those labels but needs must. So really today is more like day one for me now. So fingers crossed today is successful.

Hope your better organised than me and having a good day.


Hi Fattietattie,

Just remember that somewhere along the line you learnt to eat too much. You weren't born eating too much.

So if you've learnt one way of doing the eating thing, you can learn another, much better way.

For sure, it'll take a bit of time to adjust. If you snack sensibly, so that you take some food (e.g. fruit, or similar) every 2 to 4 hours, drink water and try to eat more slowly, you'll probably find the hunger thing not that much of a problem at all.

When I say snack, my dear old mum would have said 'a wee something to skate the hunger off of you'. That's exactly the purpose of it.

I thought it was going to be absolute hell, but in fact I found I adjusted quite quickly and I now really couldn't face what I previously would have piled onto my plate.

Good luck.


Hi Doikosp,

Ha ha ha you know I cant even remember not eating too much, I honestly think I was just born like that, a walking eating machine hee hee hee. Its such an alien thought the now but I really hope one day to reach the stage of not being able to face eating what I have been eating like. I hope that day comes soon!

Thanks for the advice.



Check out these 12 tips for a successful 12 weeks:

There's some very useful tips to fight cravings...

Good luck!


Brilliant, thanks for that. Let the success begin!


Hi, I started my 12 week plan last is my 6th day found it quite easy to stick too so far! I've downloaded my fitness pal for my phone/laptop and record everything I eat & drink. I've been walking approx 3 miles a day and I am looking forward to getting on my scales on Monday morning!

I find that cleaning my teeth stops the hunger pains and I've even taken a travel toothbrush and paste to work with me this week! Everyone has had a laughed a me but it works!


Ha ha ha thats brilliant. I can honestly say Ive never heard of that one before. If the going gets really tough I might try that one.

Yeah Ive just downloaded the myfitness pal app on my phone and its brilliant. I cant believe how easy it is to use and its going to be really handy for recording food where ever I go.

Sounds like you've been having a good week and well done you on the daily walks as well. Im starting on 1700 cals then slowly dropping so that by the start of my second week I'll be down to 1400. Im then going to start getting active then as well eek.

Good luck for your weigh in on Monday and thanks for the advice.


I used that trick in the evenings when I'm inclined to snack, it really does work. Wel done and good luck.


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