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Correct gym workout for weight loss?

I have been going to the gym for about 4 months, and doing over an hour of cardio (treadmill, cross trainer, bike) 2-3 times a week as well as some light weights. Although I have gotten fitter I seem to have put on weigh and fat!

I don't seem to be able to find an 'official' site on the best gym routine to be doing to lose weight, only blogs. Is there somewhere I can look for some info?

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There is a lot of marketing around this subject but the fact is, there is no 'correct gym workout' for weight loss.

All exercise contributes to weight loss. That said, one of the best calorie burning exercises around (apart from cross-country skiing) is running (I hope you like running!).

The key to weight loss is simple: you need to burn more energy (through exercise and everyday activity) than you consume (through food and drink).

This is what professionals refer to as the 'energy in' and 'energy out' balance. If you can tip the balance in the right direction, you'll lose weight. Simples!

More often than not, people put on weight because they eat too much. It can be hard to accept it but it's true.

You're obviously very motivated to exercise so I'd keep it up. It may be your diet that you need to review.

NHS Choices has just launched a new weight loss plan designed to help you lose weight and teach you the skills to manage your weight in the long-term.

Here's a link to the plan:


Hope this helps. Good luck.


Yes I have started the plan on Monday, so I will see on Monday at the gym whether the diet works - I'm feeling it will although I am worried that it may be a bit drastic as I really noticed a difference in energy levels last night at the gym.

I've also started trying interval training (remembered something about this from GCSE) so I will see if this also helps instead of a long run.


If you're struggling on 1400kcal a day, you can work towards it gradually.


HIIT - High Intensive Interval Training is really good for weight loss, building strength and stamina. It can be done in a few different ways, running/swimming/cycling/rowing. After warm up of about 5 minutes do a short spell as fast as you can, say 30 seconds to start with, followed by 2 minutes slower speed to recover. Then repeat for as long as you are able or say 15 minutes. Then do slow 5 minutes cool down. Swimming you could use 1 length flat out followed by 2 to recover then a 3rd a bit faster followed by 4th flat out again. If your running outside which I do, I use the lamp posts for markers etc.

HIIT is becoming more popular for several reasons, 1. It works, 2. Its easier to fit 30 minutes into a busy schedule instead of longer periods spent in the gym. 3. Its great fun and gives you a real sense of achievement. You'll be amazed at how quick you get good results, anyone who is reasonably fit can incorporate this into their exercise routine.


HI Oldgirl,

I've been doing interval training all last week, and feel better, pants feel looser so it seems to be working. I'm waiting for a heart rate monitor to be delivered so I can do it properly.

I've been following the nhs plan for a week today, its my first weigh in tonight and we'll see what the results are :)


I was recently told of someone who had been unfit for a number of years. He took a year out from his job, walked everywhere, joined the gym and dieted. althoguh losing a small amount of weight, the improvements seemed poor compared to the changes he had made in hsi life. After 6 months nothing had changed but he kept with it (many o fus would not have done, including yours truly) and after about 10 months it sudddenly all came together and the weight fell off him, leaving him leaner and healthier.

I have seen another blogger saying yur body gets used to being fatter, and I think that is true.

So I think you are doing the right thing, at my gym, they say not to do the routeine in the same order week in week out, but to change it around a bit..

Good luck


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