Newbie - Week 1 Day 3

Today is day 3 and I am already shocked at how my body has adjusted to the new 1400 calorie diet.

Yesterday I didn't know how I could take it - all day I was drinking water to try and put the feelings of hunger and wanting to eat away.

Today I have eaten less but am not feeling the need to eat as much.

How did everybody else adjust?

I've always been used to eating what and when I want as I've always been slim, but now I've piled on the weight and need to lose about 3 stone, and the gym is not enough!


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10 Replies

  • How hungry you think your are is a lot about certain hormones such as ghrelin.

    Ways of miniimising its effect include snacking - eat something every 2 to 4 hours - and eating more slowly. Also, to some degree, if you believe you ought to be hungry - you probably will be!

    I've found it fairly easy to adapt to much more moderate portions. I guess I've kind of re-trained myself to believe a reasonable portion is o.k., over my previous belief that is was too little.

    The surprise was that I really thought the process would be absolute HELL! And it just wasn't.

  • Every new day it will be easier and easier. It is important that if you slip one day not to slip the next one…

  • Hi Newbie,ive been doing about a week now and at first i struggled for the first couple of days but now im getting used to it and already i can feel a different in my body,so keep up the good work it will get easier and dont worry if u go off track one day as long as you get back on track the next. All the best let us know how your getting on

  • Hi Everyone well done & good luck to all of you, this is day 3 for me, I am finding night times the worse time for me to cope as I wake up starving!! any tips on what I can snack on thanks :-)

  • Thank you everyone for your replies, nice to know there are others in the same situation :)

    @kaffi: I am putting cravings at bay during the day by drinking water and seeing whether I am really hungry or thirsty or just bored and distracting myself. How long does it take for you to get back to sleep? Maybe if you have a drink by the side of your bed or a hot chocolate before you go to bed that would work?

  • I always have some by my bedside or i would get up and snack lol

  • Hi bunblebeaz, Thank you for your tip I have been drinking more water & yeah it helps fill me up! but I am up & down all night to the loo!!!! I complete my first week on Monday & I am slowly getting into the program soooo much to read & learn will take awhile for it all to sink in, the calorie count is the thing I am finding difficult not really got into that????? I do find it difficult to sleep at the best of times but I do have a few personal probs at moment I am sure I will get on track soon!!!.... thank you for your help & good luck on your journey speak soon kaffi :-)

  • Hi when u wake up starving try some water boring i no lol but when we think we are hungry sometimes we are thristy,give it a go see how u get on. Good luck

  • Hello, Its my 4th day today and I'm just about managing to keep under the 1400 calories! I'm not going to the gym but walking 3 miles a day (to start with!). For snacking I have been making myself a bowl of celery, carrots, cucumber etc to nibble on! When you are really hungry, try cleaning your really works!

  • Dont starve yourself coz what you eat will turn to fat..... try eating fruit or veg inbetween meals or even nuts

    If youwork take tubs of carrot sticks/grapes etc with you to snack on

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