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A badge scheme for the Weightloss section?


We're thinking of creating a badge scheme for the Weight loss community and I'd like to get your thoughts.

We have a very popular 'graduate' badge scheme in the Couch to 5K community for those who have completed the running plan and I wonder if we can do something similar here.

What do you all think? And what could it be called?

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How about "I did it!". Simple and too the point.


I like it!


So is this to be awarded at the end of the 12 week programme or when the weight loss goal is achieved? I loved getting my graduate badge...it was a great sense of achievement, but the couch to 5 k programme has a defined end, where as weight loss is different.

Its a difficult one, cos what one person might find funny, such as "loser" might offend someone else...tricky! Im still sticking with my suggestion having looked at the others. But you could always do something like a star or go all olympic and give out medals. Good luck!

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Good points. The site doesn't feature icons so it'll have to be a word(s).

I'll create a poll on the weightloss community in the next few days so people can vote for their preferred option.


I think it'll give everybody an incentive to lose weight if there's a reward. I have started skipping supper and walking more, but today I skipped breakfast, so I'm going to eat supper.



Skipping breakfast? Tut, tut!


Yes I went to a big hospital for a close examination of my arrhythmia. I could eat if I wanted to, but I had to go there early this morning. I walked 8710 steps or 6.7km.


Oh! Sounds like you had a valid excuse ;)


Yes, didn't I ? I'm going back there tomorrow for a stress test, but I'll eat breakfast and lunch this time. I'll probably skip supper to feel hungrier on the morning of the day after tomorrow.


yeah thats a great idea i iagree with I did it


I'm a Graduator!!

New Me Rules!

Being a Loser is Great

Member of the Losers Club

Well Done Me!


How about ...

re: food,

I've re-learnt

It might be a bit of a prompt for conversation which might help the wearer to encourage others to start a similar journey fo discovery and change.


Great ideas here. Keep'em coming!


Right-sized me has arrived.


Super-size me doesn't live here any more.

(O.K. - yes, the film is far too old for most people to remember!)


Achiever - the definition according to a well known web site is, one who achieves, a winner.


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