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Hello Everyone!

Hi Everyone,

I've just joined the community from the Couch 2 5 K site.

Over the last 7 to 8 months I've managed to loose 6 and a half stone and come down from being morbidly obese (a delightful term that my doctor seemed to relish) to just outside the ideal range for my height.

I did this after years of back/hip/knee trouble that my doctor solved by prescribing pain killers. After I reached the stage where I couldn't get up from my chair at work due to back pain and couldn't lift up my daughters I decided I had to do something.

I started C25K and found it so, so hard. However, I think I surprised myself when I actually ran after all these years and forced myself to carry on in the programme.

After 4 weeks or so I could actually see physical improvements and I started to count my calories and joined the local gym through the GP referral scheme.

Now, several months later, I'm a shadow of my former self and just, at the age of 46, started snowboarding.

I realise after years of trying that "weight loss" (and "weight management") is hard but I'm now at what I consider to be my ideal weight and am trying to replace the remaining fat with a little muscle!

The best thing about the NHS C25K community is the people on there and how friendly and supportive they are.

I decided to join this forum to perhaps help others as well as be amongst people who need to keep an eye on their weight to enable me to manage mine in the months and years to come.

So, a big hello to everyone!

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Hi back_to_18,

Very well done. You really must feel like a 'new' you.

I'm heading for the top of the 'normal' band on the BMI chart. In two weeks I've lost 4Kgs which is a not bad start. I've also upped my exercise regime and feel one whole lot better already. It's amazing how you change as you travel along this journey. I now look at plates of food which a few weeks ago I would have thought to be skimpy portions and now end up having to give some of it to the dog as I just can't manage it all.

But I'm in no hurry, a Kg or so a week will do just fine.

I make your weight loss a bit over 41 Kg. I'm looking to lose a tad over half of that. If I can get to my halfway point by three months from the start, I'll be quite chuffed.


Hi how is every1 doing? I struggling with the excerise and im only a week in2 it lol,but hpoe yur all doing ok. Louise


Hi Louise67,

What aspect are you struggling with? I may be able to help.


Hi back_to_18,

Have you tried the free five-week Strength and Flex programme from NHS Choices? It's ideal if you want to add a bit more muscle.

Here's a link:



Yes, I did try the Strength & Flex programme and found it very useful. However, thanks to the incredibly supportive help I received from my local Gym (through the GP Referral Scheme) I've moved beyond this and on to things I could only have dreamed of 8 months ago.


Hi back_to_18, well done. Agree about the C25K community. I graduated last year and it gave me the motivation to start swimming lessons at 49.


Thank you for sharing your experience. I love good stories and yours is a great one.


Hi back_to_18, i just cant believe it that you have lost around 40 kgs in 7-8 months..according to me it is a very very big thing to achieve and you have done it.. hats of to you!! really...!! i am actually spellbound.. i want to achieve the same.. wanna lose around 30 kgs in around 4-5 months.. can you please suggest what to do... m really looking at guidance from you on this!!


Hi eeshaqua,

first of all I started counting the calories of _everything_ I ate. I created an account at myfitnesspal.com/ and logged every last thing (even milk in tea etc.). I think that that was the first big step in that it showed me how much I was overeating.

Secondly, I started the Couch 2 5 K programme. I hadn't done any real exercise in years due to my back problems (which had been a contributing factor in me gaining weight in the first place). The gentle introduction to running surprised me. I actually enjoyed the runs and could see a physical improvement in my heath.

Thirdly, I started going to the gym two days a week as part of the GP Referral scheme. This meant that I could go to the gym for just £1 per visit.

Lastly, I started cycling once a week. I started cycling 1 mile, then 2 miles, then 3 etc. I now do 20 miles each Saturday. That's not a long way for a "real" cyclist but, in co-ordination with 1) diet, 2) running and 3) gym it's perfect.

So, in short, it took a lot of changes for me to achieve this but I think every day how worth it all the hard work has been. For the first time in years I feel "healthy".

I'm still counting the calories everyday but am now eating a normal 2500 (or so) calories. If I find I'm putting on a little weight I cut down for a day or two. If I'm losing weight I know I'm allowed a treat (takeaway last night!).

It worked for me - perhaps it will work for you!

(I have advised people to perhaps see their GP - if they haven't already done so - to discuss any changes to your activity levels and perhaps discuss the GP referral scheme).


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