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i am 45age,105kg weight,BP160/110,HBa1c-7.5 and i am vegiterian...how can i reduce my weight in safe and easy way...

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I would suggest you might start with a Body Mass Index calculator (easy to find on the web) and find out your current BMI and what your weight needs to be to put you into the 'normal' band. That would help you decide how much weight you might choose to lose.

Then read up on this and other sites about losing weight. A very big part of it is, quite simply, changing poor eating habits for better ones. The recurring issues are portion control, the calorie value of the food that you eat (reducing your fat and sugar intake), and eating in an organised way by planning your meals and snacking (healthily) in between those meals.

Increasing your activity levels or taking on some sort of exercise regime also helps.

If you have specific medical issues (including being very overweight) then do get medical advice from a doctor or nurse as to how these might alter your approach to losing weight.

Then make the necessary changes to your regimes. If you want an actual diet plan, then there are plenty available on the web and you could do a lot worse than the free one at the NHS livewell / lose weight site.

Also, don't try to lose weight too fast. It's better to lose it gradually and then you'll be more likely to keep it off. 0.5 Kg to 1Kg a week is the figure I hear advised most often, though you might well lose weight faster than that in the first week or two.

I've improved my eating habits and upped my exercise regime and after only two weeks in I've lost 4Kgs. I feel a lot fitter already. For sure, I've still got a long, long way to go (about 20 Kgs, actually).

Good luck with it.


Hi Satya

from a fellow vegetarian - for a lot of us veggies, cheese is a mainstay - something tasting and quick to eat on a sandwich, in a baked potato etc. Certainly a huge problem for me, and as hard as it is for me to go without, I have banned it from my fridge. If it is there, I will eat it. I have tried buying low fat cheese, but then I eat twice as much, so the only answer is to ban it.

So I guess what I am saying is go through your food preferences and try to limit the high fat, high sugar stuff.

Small steps and you will soon see results. Give yourself tiny- reachable goals too in your weight-loss journey and you will gain strength from reaching those goals.



Hi Satya,

I'm also a vegggie and have been very slim and healthy until I reached my thirties and slowly put on weight. I've am about 2 stone overweight. i've cut down on cheese and dairy and choose no fat or low fat options. Also cut down on snacks containing fat and sugar. But really I think excercise is the most effective thing if your diet is quite healthy already.



Try the 12 week weight loss plan on the NHS site (link below). Have a look through and this will give you key things to consider such as your exercise level and portion sizes. There are also useful tools mentioned in the plan that are available on the NHS website.

If I have one recommendation, please consider quorn or tofu in your diet if you do not already. A portion of quorn mince contains less calories, carbohydrates and fat that a portion of cheese or an egg which can make a big difference to your daily calorie intake and help you on your weight loss mission.

I strongly recommend keeping a food diary. Each time you eat, have a look at the calories and portion size stated on the packet. It is so surprising what is contained in foods that seem 'healthy' or state 'low-fat' and how big a portion size actually is and this is one of the most common problems with weight gain and loss. Make sure you weigh your food before you eat it to see what a portion is.

Hope this can help you and let us know how you get on.