where are you all on your 12 week journey?

For me yesterday was W1/day1. Weigh-in means there's an extra pound to lose and I couldn't find a tape to do the waist measurement.

Foodwise, there are unexpected lunches and goodbye coffee sessions at work this week - and it is very difficult to factor these into a day's calorie allowance without looking like a killjoy.

Thank goodness, there's a chance to start afresh every day.


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  • just downloaded info and need to get a tape measure also. Got about 3 stone to lose so long road ahead! Will be starting 12 week journey in next few days,

  • if you want to twist yourself with laughter, try measuring your waist with a ruler!!!

  • 6 inch or 12 inch hee hee!! Would tht count as exercise?!

  • Mietjie,

    The work place can be a real diet danger zone. Stick to your guns. People will respect you even more for it. And if you do go over your calorie allowance, just reduce your calorie intake over the next few meals/snacks.

  • I managed to cancel a lunch meeting today, but there is still the birthday/farewell cake and coffee session this afternoon and a farewell lunch tomorrow. These things are like a three in a row bus scenarios: we haven't had birthdays, farewells etc for months and now there are five in two weeks.

  • Not stated it yet although i have had myself weighed to find out how much i need to lose and i need to lose about 5 stone which is going to be a long long road,so i am looking to start in the next few days. At the moment i am waiting for a rowing machine as i want to exercise as well as changing my eating habits,good luck to everyone and let me know when you have tried the recipes

  • It always seems to be the case when we are trying to lose weight i know it is not easy we can all still have what we want but in smaller portions

  • Oh definitely exercise - I take it where I find it!!!! I hear the snow is due to hit my neck of the woods tomorrow, we have been lucky so far with both temperatures and lack of snow. Apparently you burn more calories traipsing through snow so I have that to look forward too!

  • I officially started my 12 week weight loss plan on 14th January but because of the snow, it affected my exercise and I was in the house a lot which really affected my eating, so I've started again Monday just gone and although I've only managed to fit in one exercise session so far I've done a lot better with my eating. I found the best thing to help my has been to plan my meals and make sure I have all the ingrediants ready. I found that if I know exactly what I'm eating and when, I'm less inclined to want to snack. I've had colleagues leaving this week and all I can suggest is to go for the healthiest option and if there aren't any, just make sure you keep your portion sizes small (i've always been told 1 palm of your hand for snacks and two for main meals as a rough guess). Good luck with your journey!!

  • well, yesterday was the last of the meals etc. and I just had a small clear veggie soup so that was ok, although the chocolates and biscuits will remain an ongoing issue. I am not that keen on chocolates or chocolate coated biscuits so most of the time I am ok when that is in the office, however someone has brought in a lot of continental biscuits (kekse) and that is huge temptation for me. Almond biscuits, apricot biscuits etc. Thanks goodness I work in a different office today and not a biscuit in sight.

  • I started the plan on Monday. I have about 25lbs to lose. I must admit that I do like my ice cream. I am happy to find that i can still have it in smaller portions. That's what will make it workable for me.

  • For me, it's week one day 4, and although its early days, I feel positive. I have 2 and half stone to shift, so I know I have my work cut out. I am afraid I am a classic comfort eater and all it takes is the tiniest of thing for me to fall odd the wagon. Eating out poses a real problem for me, surely I am not limited to just salads. Wishing everyone health and happiness and luck with their weightloss.

  • For me it's week one day one monday 11th. I have a stone and half to loose... I love my ice cream but will stick to one cheap choc ice,chocolate sooo thin you hardly know it's there. My sugar intake is greatly reduced no cake, no biscuits, no normal bread, no chips. In is apples, banana, oranges and a horrible craving lol xx

  • Oh my scales came today.. I missed the weigh in..

  • see you at the next weigh-in - let the battle commence!

  • Bring it on!!

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