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My SMART goals

I am slowly working through my reading of the weight loss guides that I have printed off and thought if I put in the public domain what my SMART goals are then I am committed! After all it worked for me when I started the Couch to 5K running programme two years ago so hopefully it does its magic again with my weight loss.


Specific: I want to stick to the programme week by week and I want to run three times a week

Measureable: I want to lose no less than 2 pounds a week

Achievable: My mini-goals are achieving 5% loss, then 10% loss and then I will regroup

Relevant: I want to be healthier and slimmer and use this programme for the support I need

Time-specific: I want to be close to my target loss of 31 pounds by 04.05.2013

Phew, that was a bit scary! but now that I have said it I have to do it - it is bit like running, getting your head right needs to be done before you actually go out for a challenging run; likewise putting my goals out takes care of the mental bit and now I can start.

Right, 31 pounds, I am starting to wave goodbye to you.


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Using the SMART system is one of the most effective ways of achieving a goal. Good luck!


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