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How can I speed up my metabolism?

I have followed both Atkins and Dukan, lost weight but felt ill, I now eat a balanced diet of 1200 cals per day and exercise regulary but have continued to gain weight, [a stone!] how can I safely boost my metabolism?

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1200 calories a day doesn't sound very much to be eating. If you don't eat enough your body will hang onto all you have consumed.

I'm 5'1" tall and my weight loss calories calculated were 1400 p.d. when I had over 2 stone to lose.

To get your motabolism off to a good start is have a glass of water first thing. I have always exercised in the past in the evenings but since I retired I'm more inclined to get my exercise done in the mornings. I have breakfast, a light lunch and then my main meal before 6.30pm.

Hope this helps, it worked for me. Good luck.


Many thanks for your speedy response, I will definately aim to drink a glass of water first thing- may I ask how you got your metabolism calculated I did not realise you could.


there are calculators online that *estimate* your BMR or basic calorie needs to stay alive, you multiply that figure by an activity level - 1.2 is sedentary, 1.4 mildly active etc.

diabetes.co.uk/bmr-calculat... is one of many BMR calculators.

In London you can have your body fat measured and BMR calculated more accurately for £30 at bcom.ac.uk/bcom-clinic/fitn...


Debatable whether you can "increase your metabolism" at all - other than by eating 2000 calories for 3 weeks and then resuming dieting.

You could get your metabolic rate measured, it is rarely low enough for you not to lose weight at 1200 calories let alone to gain.

Get your heart rate up to 120 bpm for 30 mins a day with some form of exercise to add to your calorie consumption.


Thank you for your response- I will definately get my metabolism measured.


Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories to keep functioning, such as your heart beating and your lungs breathing.

You can speed up your metabolism by increasing your muscle mass. Muscle requires more energy to function than fat.

This doesn't mean you need to turn into a body builder! The Dept of Health recommends you include at least two sessions a week of muscle strengthening activities.

Find out what muscle strengthening activities you can do here:



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