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I'm new to this community and quite nervous. I downloaded week 1 of the weightloss plan and I decided to do it as although I'm only just over my BMI, I'm about 21lb over my ideal weight for my height (5ft 4in) and I have really bad eating and exercise habits. I'm only 23 but I have that cocky mentality that I'm just about getting away with eating what I want so don't need to worry and I'm actually heavier than most people think I look. So I'm here to kick these habits and make sure I can have a healthy relationship with food and exercise, feel better in myself and get rid of some of that hidden fat and pounds.

I started my first day of the couch to 5k podcast yesterday and although I found it a bit difficult as I've never been a runner, I managed to last the half hour and am keen to do it again.

I struggle most when I'm sat at my desk at work (in my job I'm either really busy running about and have to catch a quick lunch or can be sat at a desk for hours!) I'm a savoury person and love snacking on crisps and lots of people in my job like to go to drive through McDonalds or KFC if they're having a bit of a stressful day and like the comfort food. I have gone to McDonalds 3/4 times in a week before when I've had a busy one and have to eat in my car on the way to my next task.

I can also be really fussy with food and sometimes don't like things unless they've been made by supermarket e.g. i prefer the taste of a tesco cajun chicken wrap that if I was to make my own, which is not great for the waist or the purse!

So this is my first day on health unlocked and I'm looking forward to using this to boost my willpower and get sopme useful tips!

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Good luck with both new ventures Danni_23, I'm a C25K graduate so will try and look out for your posts.

Some of the golden rules I learned while doing my weight loss was:-

1. Eat your five a day fuit and veg.

2. Drink at least 6 glasses of water/juice/black tea (fruit or herbal) a day.

3. Watch out for the fat content in pre-packed foods some are leathal, also watch the salt content too.

4. Try and get some form of exercise a day, it can be as little as walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift, walk to work if its possible or get off the bus a couple of stops early.

5. Eat enough, if you don't your body can go into what is called starvation mode and will hang onto all you have consumed which will cause weight gain instead of weight loss.

Hope this helps a little and good luck.


Thanks, it is really helpful! ore is that I've had before like a lot of others is that I've always tried to do it on my own so have to make seperate meals while my family is having pizza and go running while they're in front of the tv! Hopefuly thus will give me the support to carry on with it. Did you find any part of the couch to 5k difficult, did you ever hit a wall?


No not really Danni. I've actually graduated twice as just after the first time I had a serious bought of sciatica which left me crippled for 3 months. Once it was sorted I started again at the beginning.

The main thing is to go at your pace, no one elses, don't move onto the next week if you have not completed the week your on. Don't worry if you can't fit in 3 runs the same week just do them as soon as you can.

There is loads of support on C25K forum, so if you have time have a read, the headings should give you an idea of the content of the blog. If you have any queries, ask on the 'Questions' area, you will get loads of help there.

I did C25K the first time at the age of 60, so if I can do it, never having run in my life before I'm sure just about anyone can.


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