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What type of diet do you prefer?

There are so many diets around these days but I prefer just to count calories and try to eat more healthily.

The good thing about calorie counting is that you can eat anything you want within reason. I love chocolate so I allow myself a chocolate bar or some sort every day. I tried Slimming World last year but that didn't work for me because it was too restrictive for sweet things, a mars bar was 13 syns and they recommended you had 10 syns a day. I don't like having to count points and syns into my day and just feel calorie counting gives me more choice.

I restrict myself to 1000 calories a day but I can have 1300 and still lose weight.

I gave up smoking in October and put quite a bit of weight on in doing so. I allowed myself to do that and get Christmas out of the way and then started my diet on 2nd January.

Good luck to everyone who is trying to lose weight. It's great having a community like this where you can get support and advice.

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Hello, just popped over from the quit smoking group too. I stopped smoking back in Feb last year and luckily did not pile any weight on, however, I was already over weight but felt unable to tackle the weight issue until I'd cracked being a non smoker.

1000 calories is far too low for me to live on. I would be constantly cheating and then unable to adhere to it. I have bought the hairy dieters cook book and will be trying to cook myself thin and reduce portion size.

Once the weather improves will be getting on my push bike as I think the feel good factor of exercise is brilliant BUT exercise does make me hungry.


Hi Wonder nice to meet you :)

I don't have a problem sticking to 1000 calories a day most of the time, I do however have a problem getting myself motivated to exercise. I don't really enjoy it at all and find it a real chore. I did love playing tennis but the person I went with doesn't want to go any more and I can't find anyone else to go with either. I have started doing a bit of walking but find that boring and I have Wii fit which isn't too bad so I might start doing that. I want to lose weight before the weather improves so I can wear something nice in the warmer weather instead of trying to cover everything up.

I watched a couple of the Hairy dieters programmes and they did look good I might buy the cook book and give it a whirl, thanks for the tip.

At least if you are exercising you can eat a bit more.


I have found that calorie counting works best for me too, points systems are all well and good, but can be hard to figure out when in the supermarket buying food or eating at a friends. Calories are listed on the packaging. I also have a sweet tooth, so I really struggle on diets that restrict me and don't allow me to eat a variety of things! Exercise is my sticking point though, I am not sporty AT ALL. Got a Kinect for xmas though and am finding that playing the games on that helps me work up a sweat and i don't feel like I'm exercising, just having fun, so hopefully I can stick to playing on that at least a couple of times a week.


I like to walk my sisters' dog, it is so rewarding and being outside with a dog that doesn't answer you back is lovely. If you cannot borrow a dog, see if there is a local rescue centre that needs volunteer walkers, exercise with no gym fees :)


Certainly agree with the dog walking thing. Mine's a Belgian Shepherd that NEEDS plenty of running about, so I get a not bad wee workout throwing and kicking balls for him to chase after and also walking him in the hills.

Also agree that people should not feel that being active necessarily has anything to do with being 'sporty'. You may well enjoy swimming, cycling, rowing or many other activities and not have the slightest notion of any sort of competitiveness. And there are loads of floor exercises, fitness devices and things designed for personal home use.

And don't underestimate the usefulness of good ol' fashioned housework for burning a few calories off.


I've lost three stones in eighteen months without really trying but it's slowing down now and I want to lose another 2 more quickly


That's great Geoffrey, to lose 3 stone in eighteen months and without even trying that much, that sounds like perfect weight loss to me. I have found that men seem to lose weight faster than women. I'm not sure why unless it's something to do with the fact that men usually have more muscle than women which helps to burn fat.

Good luck with your next 2 stone Geoffrey.


Hi Kaz

I dont know how much Ive put on in the 3weeks since I stopped smoking but I know Ive put on a fair bit because I can feel it in my clothes and my belly and thighs have taken the most of the weight gain :(

Im gonna start getting out walking/cycling again when the weather gets better (would get blown away at the moment) but the cold helps to keep you warm so you burn more energy which helps loose weight.

I lost 2 stone 2 yrs ago but started putting it all on again last February and it gets me down a bit but only I can do something about it


Hi Sarah

I'm really struggling at the moment with trying to lose weight and giving up smoking. It does get you down when you put on weight. That's brilliant losing 2 stone, it's so hard to lose it but so easy to put it back on unfortunately.

I'm just attempting to stop my NRT and I'm constantly wanting to eat something but not from hunger. I have been trying to think of something that I can keep nibbling on but something nicer than carrot, can't think of anything yet though, well other than celery which I can't stand.

I am with you on the exercise idea. When the better weather comes I am going to start walking. It's quite nice here today so I think I'm going to go for a walk at lunchtime. Can you swim?


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