How to lose flab not weight?

I'm happy with my weight (just inside the limits for BMI) but I'm looking to slim down a bit. I think I follow a fairly healthy diet, have cut out drinking this month and started exercising in earnest from November last year. I've not really noticed any startling physical changes although I do feel slightly better about myself. Is there anything that works for slimming rather than weight loss? Should I up my exercise (currently 2 gym sessions a week and quite a lot of walking) or cut down my food (like pasta but generally few other carbs)? Also, I'm not weighing myself as I'm not really bothered about my weight. Is that OK?


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7 Replies

  • Are you doing weights at the gym? They are really good for toning up and reducing fat percentage.

  • Good grief no! I have such weedy arms!

  • Try the strength and flex plan

  • Assuming you mean tummy flab, it's probably a matter of focussing your exercise efforts on toning your abs, whether that is by using weights, floor exercises or whatever.

    Try searching the web for 'exercises for abs'.

    If the flab is elsewhere, adjust the search accordingly!

  • This sounds like you are looking to tone and sculpt rather than lose weight so strength exercises are key. Weights would be a great start and if you feel you are not very strong then you can start light with extra reps then build up when you're ready. Pilates, yoga and body pump sessions are also good but you may find you will benefit from the basic exercises such as lunges, squats and sit ups first and fore most so try to do a few of these daily at home and start weights in the gym, ask the staff to advise you on the best way to get the most from weight exercises for what you want to achieve and look at the strength and flex plan too mentioned by the admin as this will give you a good idea where and how to start.

    Good luck

  • Hot yoga in Fleet google it

  • cut down on the pasta ,drink 2lites of water i only exercise taking my kids to school ,walking.ive loss 4 stone since july 2012.i try and do sit ups each water and swimming once a week that helps yr tum.

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