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We All Have Snaccidents

Sarah-Phim3 stone
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This funny reminded me of a post I just read. πŸ˜‰ We have all done it and probably will do again.

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Best plan is to not to have these items readily available in first place 😊

Sarah-Phim3 stone in reply to Sarah73uk

I agree, is what I have to do with all rubbish snacks.

BrynGlas2020 January in reply to Sarah73uk

Best plan is to live alone, buy only what you want to eat and when visitors make arrangements to visit, tell them if they want biscuits, potatoes, bread, crisps, chocolate,etc etc to bring it with them !!! Whatever is left over goes back in their car when they leave!!!! LoL

It works for me but there are people who want giveyou chocs, ice cream, biscuits or whatever. My brother in law helps me here no end and I am very grateful, BUT!!! He is one of those people who can eat one Malteser and leave the rest alone until another day. Unfortunately I am not that way inclined.

I am beginning to get through to him thank the Lord. We have fallen out because I refused to eat a baked potato he put on my plate for tea would you believe?

He could not understand my hypothyroid one bit, but now he knows what I am on about when I complain about my FT4 & FT3 levels now at least, & doesn't batman eye lid when I complain the I have gained 6lbs in 8 days! But still thinks I am crackers as most people do!

It is easier when I am in my own home. He keeps the top shelf of his under-the-counter fridge, full of jars and tins of food like corned beef, beans, etc which I don't understand at all. The next shelf down is full of chocolate, as well as the top half of the door!!! Yikes!!!!! LoL No room for my salad and greens!!!!

Yep, if it's not part of the shopping, it can't be eaten. πŸ˜„


jd652 stone

The items are banned from my house to avoid such snaccidents. Sharing bags were never for sharing in my house. 😁

Sarah-Phim3 stone

Before you even realise you are at the bottom of the bag.


5.30am....new shopping list to be written for today's meals.

It will leave out all foods that I stopped buying when I was losing weight.

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