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A Way Forward.

Wordsworth22020 January

Well Wix is back so I can start blogging again tomorrow after a long lay off. Exhaustion, due to new school systems is beyond belief, but am feeling OK. Looking forward to writing again and reflecting daily on my journey.

Have been running 2 miles a day for the last 13 days and, in a weeks time I will be upping it to 3 miles for the last 10 days of the month. I've enjoyed it mostly and think I will continue running even when September ends.

Hope your journey is going well.

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Sheperdess3st 7lbs

That’s good to hear. I would say take baby steps in starting to blog again but as you are running 2 miles a day I think that’s not likely 😂😂 Look after yourself over the next free weeks especially as your work is exhausting you 😁 You would probably benefit from building in some relaxation activities 😎

Wordsworth22020 January in reply to Sheperdess

Hi Sheperdess,

Good advice as always. I think I may read up on relaxation techniques and see if I can fit some in. Hope you're doing well.

Eh up Sean glad you're back on it. I've put 5lbs on after 8 days away on hols. It'll be mostly wine that's done it . Back on the bike today though but I'll have to eat humble pie on Wednesdays weigh in. I am in awe at how long you've stuck it and like me you've had your ups and downs on the way. Keep the faith

Best regards


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