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Weekend Funny

Sarah-Phim3 stone

Have had such great comments on yesterday’s funny, so I thought I’d treat us all to one for the weekend. By the way, I’m trying to follow as many people as I can, I like knowing when people post as well as checking forum. Feel free to message to, I like getting to know you all as well as supporting each other out here. 😀

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Food4Fuel1 stone

So true! The weekend can easily be our downfall. In fact one of the reasons I chose to weigh in on a Sunday was to make sure I stayed on track Fri night and Saturday!

Sarah-Phim3 stone in reply to Food4Fuel

I hear you, I’m a Saturday. 😀

Now you've got me thinking about cake 🤣

Sarah-Phim3 stone in reply to Greendream123

Seriously, I could snort a pink fondant fancy like a drug! 😋

Shield-Maiden1st 7lbs in reply to Greendream123

Me too, they look so tasty 😋

Sarah-Phim3 stone in reply to Shield-Maiden

Don’t even get me going on the giant one!


I used love those little cakes, I could eat the whole packet, I was always trying to work out what flavour was my favourite..

Well he does make exceedingly good cakes 🙂

Sarah-Phim3 stone

Exactly! 🍰

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