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Egg Off - full of greens fritters


Woohoo! Egg Off here we come.

These fritters are made thus:

Grate a courgette, shred some cabbage and slice leek thinly. Chop garlic clove. Mix in a large bowl with 4 eggs, 3 tbsps crumbled feta, grated Parmesan, zest of a lemon, salt & pepper. Heat a good glug of olive oil into a large frying pan. When hot, spoon the mixture carefully into the pan, pressing it down a bit to form 'patties'. Fry for about 3 mins each side. You'll have to do them in batches. Makes about 10-12. Always a massive success.

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They sound brilliant! Last time I tried courgette fritters, they fell apart. I probably didn't use enough egg - a rare error for me :D

I shall have to think about the feta. I like it but not enough to use it up as quickly as it needs so I often end up throwing some away, which isn't good. Would another cheese work? I was thinking chopped mint would go well with this, too

monday1957Maintainer in reply to BridgeGirl

I find the feta and lemon zest give the fritters a slight kick which transforms them from being a bit bland into something special (imho! 不)

I've made them with cheddar recently when I had no feta and they were a bit too runny. Maybe just a bit more grated Parmesan or some manchego might work? Mint would probably work well; I also add fresh basil too which peps the flavour up a bit.

I think the oil needs to be really hot as then it helps to 'set' the eggs quickly, giving a firmer fritter!

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to monday1957

Thanks for the tips :)

LythamSuper Host 3 stone

Wow ! Great idea, a new take on bubble and squeak ! :-) x


Ive made these with cheddar and they didnt have enough kick so I think feta would be a perfect addition

Thank you for sharing

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to IndigoBlue61

I'm thinking I may try goat's cheese

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to BridgeGirl

Sounds good too

Dorma1232020 August

Thanks Monday1957.. Going to try to start cooking in batches and wondered if you'd tried them cold?, just thinking could take one to work for lunch with salad? Thanks.. Ingredients already added to today's shopping list.. Now in week 5 and need to get a bit of variety in my meals to keep me on track!

monday1957Maintainer in reply to Dorma123

Hi Dorma123 and they work well cold, too. A mixed salad with a couple of fritters would be a great low carb lunch

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Dorma123

This is a good lunch option, too, Dorma and Grandmaof3babies - with whatever ingredients you like :)

monday1957Maintainer in reply to BridgeGirl

Wow: those look yummy & straightforward to bake, too 綽

Grandmaof3babies2020 August in reply to BridgeGirl

Iv made sweetcorn fritters and had them cold with a salad, or hot with beans for lunch..

Quick and easy

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Grandmaof3babies

That sounds good!

Grandmaof3babies2020 August

They look lush

I think Im going to try these for lunch..

Hopefully hubby likes them and I can pop a couple in for his lunch box next week xx

monday1957Maintainer in reply to Grandmaof3babies

Whenever Ive made them, even hardcore carnivores like them! 不

The trick is to get the oil pretty hot in the pan so the egg sets quickly and binds the mixture together.

I also make a similar frittata where I quick fry the green veg first then pour the egg & cheese mixture on top.

Hosannasmum2020 March

Sounds lovely :).


I did these yesterday, finished them off today. I used goat's cheese instead of feta and added some mint. I really enjoyed them thanks :)

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